Wednesday, February 3

I forgive myself . . .

I'm beginning my second week of Misty Mawn's Drawing and Painting Portraits workshop.

This exercise was with a Stabilo pencil and white acrylic paint. I'm not thrilled with my results, but it is my first attempt.

So, I forgive myself.

Next I'll be painting white on black. I'll need even more mercy with that one.


  1. okay Les, Now I'm so afraid to I think you did a fantastic job!!!!! Great job! OMG! Can't wait to get my supplies to try to but I don't know if mine will be this good.
    You go girl and no forgiving of yourself - you should be proud!!!

    xo jo

  2. I agree, no forgiving necessary! She looks fabulous, and NOT like a flat faced girl. I see dimension, woo hoo!!! It really is very good!

  3. You know the comment I was going to leave here, as we laughed about it earlier tonight. It was a good laugh, as the comment was aggressively nurturing. And that's all I'm going say now.

  4. Of course, I now own the original... And it is on my desk.

  5. Leslie,
    Your doing a great job! The brush work is very painterly.

  6. I think it is marvelous and what a great result. No forgiving at all.
    Can't wait to see what's next.

  7. forgive yourself for WHAT? trying? practice? growing? learning? gosh! I think this is great! keep playing! good work! xo