Tuesday, March 30

Artfest projects

There were so many great classes to choose from at this year's Artfest, but I've had metal on my mind recently.
Day One I took Richard Salley's Etched Copper Letter Opener class. I really enjoyed working with the copper and Fauxbone.
Days Two and Three I was in Keith Lo Bue's Lasting Impression class where I learned several techniques for etching metal.
That and many other techniques and skills that I will use again and again.
I feel like I've come home with a great arsenal of tricks and techniques.
And I look forward to getting back in my studio and creating!

Monday, March 29


I'm just home from a wonderful week in Port Townsend, Washington, and Artfest. And I find that I'm missing so many things already. . .
I heard that some people actually move to the area after attending.
(This photo is my iPhone Photo Friday submission.)
I can believe it.
I'll be pining for this sweet little town for a while. . .
And for these fun and talented ladies!

More soon . . .

Sunday, March 14

They're back!

Image from the internet

The snow has melted, the rain is letting up, and these guys are singing, in the yard.

The peepers and daylight savings. Yay!

Wednesday, March 10

I. Can't. Stop.

I love these little metal books.

You may have noticed that books have become my first love.

Well, after my people and my dogs.

I think it's because books are functional. You can fill a book with quotes or dreams or grocery lists.
You better not need much if you're shopping out of this one.

Tuesday, March 2

It seems like just yesterday . . .

but it was Friday, when Kiran and I were hanging out in the fort under his dining room table.
photo by Kiran's mom

And then he got his hair cut, and the girls starting calling.