Tuesday, March 30

Artfest projects

There were so many great classes to choose from at this year's Artfest, but I've had metal on my mind recently.
Day One I took Richard Salley's Etched Copper Letter Opener class. I really enjoyed working with the copper and Fauxbone.
Days Two and Three I was in Keith Lo Bue's Lasting Impression class where I learned several techniques for etching metal.
That and many other techniques and skills that I will use again and again.
I feel like I've come home with a great arsenal of tricks and techniques.
And I look forward to getting back in my studio and creating!


  1. I can wait to see how these work their way into your wonderful creations Leslie. You are so talented and no doubt these will add much to your already full bag of tricks!

  2. ohhhh...

    you have learned
    to make such treasures!

    these are truly heirlooms
    you are creating
    for your dear family.

    you will need to make multiples
    of each one to be fair.


    {{ you can always store
    some of them
    at my house.

    i am offering }}

  3. Love etched metal anything. You are so lucky. xo

  4. glad you got your new etching materials. did you find them locally after all? i love the feathers you added to your letter opener - very cool indeed! nice job on everything.

  5. How lovely...I've wanted to take each of their classes and have not yet. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Wonderful. Can't wait to see them in person! You are so talented!

  7. Don't you love LoBue? He's so cool.

    These pieces are beautiful. I enjoyed etching. It's great, Leslie, when you find something that just makes your artist's heart sing. You have a gift for this metal work. Rock on.

  8. curses!! we missed each other, I was afraid of that! looks like you had great classes though and your work is awesome! I got little finished, which is usual for moi! but I sure enjoyed it!

  9. LovelyLovely work.
    You know it's Metal Tiger year?
    Timely passion!

  10. what great classes and perfect results. Do I see future book covers????

  11. These metal pieces are amazing! Gosh Leslie, I have never seen anything like these that weren't in a museum... roxanne

  12. cannot wait to see what you do with all you've learned!!

  13. They both sound (and look) like great classes. Cannot wait to see how these techniques morph into your projects.