Tuesday, March 2

It seems like just yesterday . . .

but it was Friday, when Kiran and I were hanging out in the fort under his dining room table.
photo by Kiran's mom

And then he got his hair cut, and the girls starting calling.



  1. oh, this is so cute, he is just adorable, he must have you wrapped!!

  2. Sometimes life is bittersweet...

  3. Well, I was thinking "Look at him grown up so fast" on the first pic.

    Then up came Portrait of A Young Man...

    Sigh, with you.

  4. He is just too cute! I can so see all the girls calling now! You (and his parents) will have your hands full!!

  5. Hi!!
    I received a beautiful postcard yesterday.
    I love it! Thank you so veryvery much, Leslie :)
    You made my day!


  6. Thank you for the gorgeous postcard that has arrived in Germany! The post office canceled it right on the edge of the sewn birds nest, so half of the date stamp is printed amazingly clear on the fabric! You couldn't have planned it if you tried... It's gorgeous. I feel so lucky. And your blog is lovely. Gorgeous images. Happy creations from tj in germany

  7. Dude.......you are so adorable!!!

    Loved the tomato soup tale......I did not know you were such a great story teller.....more please.

    The book......ooooooo

  8. He is quite the little dude.
    They grow up so fast.
    I will be seeing my two in Berlin, Germany at the end of this month...I can hardly wait to give them both a big hug.

  9. 無一事而不學,無一時而不學,無一處而不學。........................................

  10. How come Kiran's Mom got a photo credit, but I got squat from you even though I was the one who took the picture of you and Kiran under the table? There was a time when I could drink you under the table on a regular basis.

    You have photo credits in my blog today. I'm crushed.


  11. you look like you could be his mom not his meemaw!! love these.