Thursday, April 29

Sugar and Spice, School Swaps, and one Tough Mudder

A thoughtful Miss Sophie spent the morning with us. She's an entirely different baby than her brother was at this age. She's watchful, sensitive . . . soft. Even Atticus seems to notice the difference. He still waits eagerly at the door for her arrival on Thursday mornings, but he doesn't get up in her face like he did with Kiran. . .
Who, at two, is trading silly bandz with neighborhood kids and kids at school.
Their dad is participating in this event over the weekend.
I'll be there for that too. Life is good.

Tuesday, April 20

Making the most of a beautiful spring day

It's a sunny 61° here right now.
And I'm working in the garden.
But, I just took a break for photos.
One should always break for photos.

Thursday, April 15

Violets, tears and going straight

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”
~ Mark Twain

Except no one crushed these violets. They were a happy surprise in my backyard, safely hidden behind the pines and in the shadow of the spruce.One might think that someone crushed Miss Sophie's violets today.
But, some days a girl just isn't happy.
I'm happy though. With the keratin treatment that makes my fuzzy, frizzy hair lay down nicely.

Sunday, April 11

Getting Arboreal in the Spring

This is the third view of my tree for Julie's Getting Arboreal. I'm late again. Sigh.

But, over the last months, as I've watched this tree in its summer glory, then lose it's leaves and now grow new ones, I've grown very attached to it. Even though this photo history is wrapping up with this installment, I will continue to watch 'my tree.'

We're connected now.

It's a special place. A place of new growth.
This cluster of mushrooms must have sensed that when it chose the nook of my tree's roots to set up camp.

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Thursday, April 8

Kiran's private 'stache'

These wonderful photos are brought to you by Kiran's mom. I could make up some captions, but why. (Kiran with his grandfather.)Kiran and Sophie wear their moustaches so well.
And the only thing missing from this photo is the burning car in the background (caption thanks to Kiran's dad).

Friday, April 2

A good way to start the weekend . . .

Between Artfest and spring break, I didn't see the kiddos for two weeks, and I missed them.So yesterday I visited them at their house, and watched as Kiran worked in the garden.Then we went in to bake cookies, but the oven wasn't cooperating.
Kiran was very disappointed.
Sophie did her best to show sympathy. After all, her cookies come from a box these days.
But this happy girl can't hold down a smile for long.

(Kiran's mom did get the oven working and we all had cookies before nap time.)