Sunday, April 11

Getting Arboreal in the Spring

This is the third view of my tree for Julie's Getting Arboreal. I'm late again. Sigh.

But, over the last months, as I've watched this tree in its summer glory, then lose it's leaves and now grow new ones, I've grown very attached to it. Even though this photo history is wrapping up with this installment, I will continue to watch 'my tree.'

We're connected now.

It's a special place. A place of new growth.
This cluster of mushrooms must have sensed that when it chose the nook of my tree's roots to set up camp.

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  1. Hi Leslie! Your pictures are always awesome...I love the mushroom shot and your tree has such a beautiful shape.. THANK YOU so much for playing along with us!

  2. Your tree has a very cool shape! Love the mushrooms growing at the roots!

  3. your tree/s are awesome no matter when you get the photo posted! love it!

  4. What a majestic tree in such a magical setting!

  5. Your photos always amaze and delight me. This tree and the surroundings are amazing...I am also a great fan of mushrooms.

  6. Leslie,
    Your first shot is so beautiful...early morning? late afternoon?


  7. i can see why you love that tree and claiming it yours :)