Friday, April 2

A good way to start the weekend . . .

Between Artfest and spring break, I didn't see the kiddos for two weeks, and I missed them.So yesterday I visited them at their house, and watched as Kiran worked in the garden.Then we went in to bake cookies, but the oven wasn't cooperating.
Kiran was very disappointed.
Sophie did her best to show sympathy. After all, her cookies come from a box these days.
But this happy girl can't hold down a smile for long.

(Kiran's mom did get the oven working and we all had cookies before nap time.)


  1. OMG Leslie, Kiran is so darn cute! I miss his curls but those eyelashes are a great second! Sweet Little Sophie is just a darling as can BE!

    Your one lucky memaw!

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Love Kiran's mini crocs and big boy haircut. Sophie has the most incredible eyes, she won't miss a thing in this life. Cuties both, I see why you miss them when you are away.

  3. kirin watering the dandelions is priceless!!

  4. Your little grandbabies are just way cute! What great pictures!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just one more comment... you are making me smile againg with these little dears... hope your weekend is lovely... roxanne

  6. gosh Leslie, what precious treasures!!! You are blessed and so are they to have you.

  7. thanks so much for continuing to post pictures of those precious little grandbabies of yours! i sincerely enjoy seeing what they are up to and how they grow.

  8. Those are two of the most adorable kids ever!

    -Nicole D-

  9. OMG, Leslie! I had to get Ron to look at these shots! Poor Kiran and the uncooperative stove. His expression says it all! And Sophie?!? What a doll! A perfect face!! Oh gosh!! You just want to kiss those cheeks!!

  10. Miss Sophie is a joy to behold!
    Loved Kiran watering the very pretty dandilion!

  11. OMG!!! Kiran got a Big Boy hair cut--I am wrecked!! Now he looks like such a little man... oh for those toddler days!!
    And Soph-she's something else! Those eyes are smiling so brightly!!
    I can see why you missed them!
    While I was in Utah visiting my best friend Barbara, one of her grand daughters called me "granny" Robin... I still don't know how to take that!!! After all, I am as young at heart as she is!!

  12. ♥ ♥
    to them both.

    {{ i already sort of miss
    the babe growing box
    over there in your sidebar }}


    i'm just saying.................

  13. How fast the grow...they are gorgeous.
    Sophie makes me well as your captions.
    I just spent a glorious week in Berlin, Germany with my heart is full.

  14. scrolling through
    your honey toned visions
    I want to be
    the third grand-baby
    in this life
    or the next
    anytime will be fine
    or maybe
    I could take up residence
    next to the shrooms
    or in the shade
    of the dogwood
    perhaps I could be
    pup # 3???
    just park in your drive
    I'll bring cookies and toys...

    xox - eb.