Tuesday, April 20

Making the most of a beautiful spring day

It's a sunny 61° here right now.
And I'm working in the garden.
But, I just took a break for photos.
One should always break for photos.


  1. Okay, that red?
    It's actually memorable.

  2. go figure!

    i am working in the garden, too,
    and i came inside
    for a juice break

    but for me this means i am slicing off old saw~tooth palmetto fronds
    so that means i came inside for 2 band~aids, too.


    i know...

    whilst feeling sorry
    for my bleeding self
    i plopped down here and
    saw these yummy
    somepinkflower shots.

    i feel quite certain
    they were meant for me ♥


    my heart is so joyous right now
    just looking at them.

    why o why
    do these pink*yummies
    NOT grow in my yard
    instead of old saw~tooth palmettos?

    refreshed now
    i plunder on back out side where it is 79 degrees in the shade
    and i do thank you for how,
    once again, leslie,
    you came through
    for me

  3. well, me again,
    the word verification was this--->



    not sure,
    but that could be some sort of Sign,
    for you
    or me ♥

    maybe we should go draw nude men
    or something,
    i'm just saying....

  4. The reflection ball in the garden had me thinking that it was a perfect encapsulation of your world! Flowers in bloom, perfect skies, colors bent to match the light and you with a canera. The only thing missing was two dogs.

    This is quite the nices time of the year.. And last night's sunset over Amish field was pretty special too.And I get to tag along.


    PS: My word verification was "deadi." That's a little unsettling.

  5. Just beautiful!

    The reflection ball in the garden is breathtaking. So original, truly amazing.

  6. "So, let's make the most of this beautiful day
    Since we're together we might as well say
    Would you be mine, could you be mine
    Won't you be my neighbor
    Won't you please, won't you please
    Please won't you be my neighbor?" And then I could share in your gardening pleasures, and take photos, and talk about
    Jack. Well, let's skip the talking about Jack part, .... and have coffee, and go to parties... and, and, and.
    Thanks for the magnificent photos, Leslie. I think you should use the one in the reflection ball as a new profile pic. Just saying.

  7. Leslie-thanks for my comments on my blog. My hubby got me a Wacom tablet for my b-day and I have ALOT to learn still! lol. It's going to be great I think. It took me 3 hours to set up my Etsy site but I like it. There is alot of work to photographing/descriptions including dimensions/and then pricing etc. Goes quicker after the first few. You should totally add some stuff. :) Happy Spring!

  8. umm...Leslie? These photos are magnificent. Really.

  9. Thanks for sharing your photographs Leslie, your self portrait in the glass ball is a magical world unto itself.

  10. ...yes especially when one is as good a photographer as you are.
    Love, love the dogwood photos, however, the gazing ball photos blew me away...your world looks beautiful...then I knew that :) xoxo

    ressing...I like the sing part of that.

  11. Oh Leslie, this post is breathtaking... looking up through the pink flower petals to the sky, and your garden globe, so hautingly beautiful. sending love and blessings to you and your adorable family... roxanne

  12. what a gift you have behind that camera of yours. I see so many award winning photos. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Leslie,
    Just started reading your blog. It is lovely! Your shep is such a beautiful dog. It makes me want one too! Your photo are inspiring. I'm looking forward to what's next.

  14. ohhhhh! It really IS spring there...scrumptious photos Leslie!

    snow here yesterday :(

    someday I will have blue skies and garden days...in the meantime thank goodness for YOU!

  15. Photographs are records of the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited.
    Beautiful photos!