Thursday, April 29

Sugar and Spice, School Swaps, and one Tough Mudder

A thoughtful Miss Sophie spent the morning with us. She's an entirely different baby than her brother was at this age. She's watchful, sensitive . . . soft. Even Atticus seems to notice the difference. He still waits eagerly at the door for her arrival on Thursday mornings, but he doesn't get up in her face like he did with Kiran. . .
Who, at two, is trading silly bandz with neighborhood kids and kids at school.
Their dad is participating in this event over the weekend.
I'll be there for that too. Life is good.


  1. life IS gooood! and miss Sophie is beautiful!

  2. Your son is one tough mudder! wow!

    Leslie, that little Sophie, oh my, she is just the sweetest. How interesting that Atticus notices the difference in personalities between her and Kiran.


  3. Your grandchildren are such a delight!

    Miss Sophie is growing up!

    The race sounds altogether a bit gruelling

    Good luck to your son in law!

  4. What an expression! She's beautiful!

  5. i love it that Sophie is so different from her brother and how her personality is already so apparent. I was a thinker too, not an adventurer (unfortunately). Your two little ones are adorable and life is good! roxanne

  6. Sophie looks gorgeous and is growing up fast!

    Sounds Kiran and his dad had a great time.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  7. oh, this is SO good.
    LOOK at those guys! Best to him! He's a brave man.

    Are you sure Kiran's only 2?

    I love it how one of my nephews is so different from the other, even though they have the same genetics. Makes me wonder if maybe one of them's faking it.


  8. Sweet Sophie ~ Lovely Atticus to be such a sensitive friend.
    Are you one tuff mudder?

    My Goddog is on her last days, Leslie.


  9. Little Sophie is adorable...I love how she holds her mouth...I think I have said that before :) And those eyes...gorgeous.
    Kiran must be very popular in his neighborhood.
    My Grandchildren are very much like your's I think. Victor is very active and in the face kind of guy. Julie on the other hand is quiet and very gentile. Both of course are adorable as your two are.