Friday, June 11

Just What I Needed . . .

A morning spent with my favorite 2-year-old.
Whenever Kiran comes over, he wants to do all of the things that we've ever done here.

This day started with toy trains, but quickly moved on to Play-Doh.
Play-Doh hair is part of the routine.
Today we had some . . . ahem . . . interesting results after the haircut.
So, we went outside to water flowers.
Atticus has always been fascinated by the hose.
There is no watering without A biting the water as it comes out of the hose. I've gotten used to it.
Fortunately, Kiran gets the joke too.
Oh, and no one got out of this dry.
Next: Kiran's road race at the Dub C.


  1. beautiful time !!! I love that game, I didn't know it, I'm sure ma daughter would love
    have a beautiful day

  2. So lovely to see the joy on the face of young Kiran. Your photographs are delicious! Children and pets have a way of helping to heal, just by their being who they are. Thank you for sharing!

  3. What bliss!
    I see he is a keen gardener already!
    Such super photos.
    We are off to see Henry James today!

  4. Leslie just love the photos, I even called my husband in to see the pics of Atticus and Kiran. We laughed and laughed. Our German Shepperd, Lync has the same fascination with the hose and sprinklers. We thought it was just him.

  5. Wonderful photos and expressions of joy!

  6. Dogs and young ones...the best medicine for a hurt heart.
    Take care.

  7. Leslie,
    Your photos are precious.

    Hope you are doing well.



  8. Thank you for putting a smile on my face Leslie, Kiran and Atticus!!

  9. The play-doh hair cut does look intriguing. I guess most things look 'interesting' when you shoot them with a macro lens!

  10. Happy boy, happy dog, what is life about but that! Both of them smiling.....

  11. You've captured summer here!!!

  12. Oh my goodness! He is growing like a weed, isn't he?? And still as cute as a bug in a rug!

  13. Hey! How'd the race go?!

    The big German Shepherd Dog I was raised with (his name was Boy) used to LOVE to bite the hose water! This could go on for a half hour! I would be soaking wet and we'd both lie on the back lawn on our sides and pant for the next half hour.

  14. oh Leslie
    you get the very best
    of everything...

    xox - eb.