Saturday, June 19

Shakerag Workshops 1

I've been away to a magical place.
I thought I was the only one, but other people knew about this place. A few anyway.
People who came to make books.
People who came to turn computer code into art.
People who came to spin color into art.
Well, to stitch it into art anyway.
People who came to turn windfall into the most amazing fabric.
People who came to turn clay into usable vessels.

Others came to stitch willow branches into fun shapes.
And, all the while, kids, parents, dogs and wonderful light bathed the campus of St. Andrews Sewanee during Shakerag.
I met the most interesting people.
Yes, I did.
And I saw magic everywhere I looked.

Go ahead. Shake a Rag. I'll be there for the moonshine and the magic next year myself.


  1. gorgeous! what a place and what wonderful art work and such lovely women. just the best. thanks, lyle

  2. wowowow...
    looks like you found some Fine Magic
    and then

    made some of your own, missy!


    gonna go back now
    and follow link...

    {{ Coveting your new lens,
    yes yes yes i am ! }}

  3. your photos are always stunning Leslie, thanks for taking me along, it looks like fun!

  4. Magical trips to arty places is sooo refreshing! Wonderful images.

  5. What a wonderful place! I love your photos!

  6. Oh, that clay basket is amazing!

    It's cool that you got to be there. Your photos are wonderful.

  7. omg...seriously loving EVERYTHING here!