Tuesday, June 22

Shakerag Workshops 2

Besides my own classroom at Shakerag, the one I couldn't stay away from was that of India Flint.
The work going on in her room was so visually pleasing to me . . .
. . . and the fragrance that leaked through that door drew me in every time I passed by.
I can smell it now just looking at these images.
Earthy -- the essence of the woods boiled into color.
Oh yes, the color.
And the stitching.
I bought her book, and I'll be dying Easter eggs differently next year.
Oh, and this is what I made in Daniel Essig's class.

Please don't think I was wishing I was in India's class.

I wasn't.

I have been wanted to take a class from Daniel for a long time, and it was everything and more than I expected.
This book is the best I've ever made. I love it.
It's just those earthy smells . . .


  1. Dear Leslie:

    I will try to smell earthier when you get back from your travels... But I make no guarantees as to the outcome.

    The book you made, and bound, during this most recent Tennessee interval, is your best to date. You never really set out to raise the bar, though it elevates to accommodate your awareness, and scope as an artist.


  2. Oh Leslie, your photos are just beautiful, but the book you made with Dan Essig - just stunning! I'm so envious. How wonderful to have such a great experience.

  3. I don't work with textiles, but I have India's book ordered through the library. I would love to work with her and just experience it! Love your book. I hope we get to see more of it?

  4. Simply gorgeous photographs Leslie, and your stitchwork on your book is amazing. Everything is so organic and palpable.

  5. Thank you for posting some of your photos from India's class...I am still struggling in the garden to continue this work...but without the lovely perfume.

    Your work with Dan Essig is amazing...every page is a gem!

  6. Your photos are stunning! What a wonderful time you must have had at that retreat. Do you ever take any workshops or classes in the area? I'm finding it very hard to find mixed media classes here in our part of PA.

  7. Hi Leslie,
    Love love love all of it. That book you made is by far amazing. I want to see inside. Are you going to show us? Did you paint the cover or is that an original book?? Tell more, I want to hear. Hope I get to see this in person one day.

  8. You know what? Those little red beads stand out to me!

  9. I am inspired by this post and almost overwhelmed by these photographs. I can almost smell the earthiness too. And your book...your amazing book. You have been born to be a book binder. In awe as always!

  10. Stunning photographs! Your book is gorgeous!

  11. those books were exquisite
    and Shakerag was an amazing event
    brilliantly run under the guidance of Claire and co

  12. Oh my gosh Leslie! This post, your photographs and your new book! I am awstruck! The way you have used all of your senses and the way you draw us into your world of wonder and discovery is so powerfully beautiful. You are incredible... roxanne

  13. oh Leslie,
    my computer somehow ate my comment.

    I was oohing and awing over these incredible photographs!! The workshops look fantastic, I'm off to explore your links.


  14. whooooooooooooaaa!

    xox - eb.

  15. I am DROOOOOOOOling over here.
    I can't smell it.....I would like to smell it.....soon I hope.