Friday, July 16

Good neighbors

Kiran and Sophie are very lucky to live in a house where the garage is filled with toys.
Lots of toys.
And to live in a neighborhood filled with lots of kids.
Kids that they like. (Lucky for this guy.)
Interesting kids (and lots of dogs).
Kids that fascinate me.

I like to think that I was this girl -- and that perhaps a little of her remains in who I am. Her scarf, dress, and bare feet on the scooter are scary dangerous though (think Isadora Duncan).

Still, check out the band-aids on her left arm. She said her mom put them there to keep her from scratching mosquito bites.

Ride on little sister! (Take off that scarf and try to get over the fact that Kiran's memaw relates to you.)
Not to exclude other interesting neighbors. This girl is wearing a pair of 2008 glasses on her forehead. I can't help but wonder why.
And of course, there's Kiran, reminding us to buy local.
Yes, it's a good neighborhood

I'd say that Kiran and Sophie will grow well here.

Tuesday, July 13

Mica pages in my wooden book

A few weeks ago I posted about my experience at Shakerag, and the book I made in Daniel Essig's workshop. I loved every single thing about the workshop. (Maybe I shouldn't share how much I loved that workshop, as I want to make sure I get a spot next year!)

But, I did love it. And I want to show you the inside of my book.
Unlike most of the books I make, this one has mica pages in addition to the blank pages.
But, not simply mica pages . . . (yeah, that bent end-page bugs me too)
Mica pages that have been constructed.
Elements have been added . . . like this locust wing that I found last summer.
I knew it would come in handy.
Like this page from the front of a German song book in which someone wrote their own music and this feather . . .
Like this bit of lace that I got from my friend Joanna.
The lace came from a book she got from her Nana.
It was the perfect thing to nestle between pages.
I found quite a few treasures to display between those mica pages.
Yep. Stuff. We all have it.
This workshop at Shakerag was awesome.

And Daniel Essig was an amazing teacher. I found this venue by following him.

Friday, July 9

Binding Memories in Black and White: I'm teaching a class!

There is a book in every direction, every nook and crany, every shelf, and every flat area in my house. Most I've read or will read. Some of those books are filled with images, some with recipes, some hold only lists. My favorites keep paintings, photographs, secrets and dreams.I love knowing how to create the vessels that will house the stuff of my life. You’re going to love it too.In this class, we will use items found in our yards to create bleached images that form the pages we bind into vintage books to be used as photo albums and journals. Vessels that will hold the information of our lives.You will leave with a bound book ready to house your photographs, journal entries, sketches or paintings, as well as the knowledge that will enable you to make other long-stitch books.

It would be great if you could join us at Lemoncholy's Studio in Wall, New Jersey, on August 1.

Sunday, July 4


"Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty."

~ Louis D. Brandeis

Friday, July 2

Weighed down

I have some stuff to share, but there are a few things weighing me down right now.

(Sort of like this overachieving bee)

Macro lens love. Oh yeah.