Friday, July 16

Good neighbors

Kiran and Sophie are very lucky to live in a house where the garage is filled with toys.
Lots of toys.
And to live in a neighborhood filled with lots of kids.
Kids that they like. (Lucky for this guy.)
Interesting kids (and lots of dogs).
Kids that fascinate me.

I like to think that I was this girl -- and that perhaps a little of her remains in who I am. Her scarf, dress, and bare feet on the scooter are scary dangerous though (think Isadora Duncan).

Still, check out the band-aids on her left arm. She said her mom put them there to keep her from scratching mosquito bites.

Ride on little sister! (Take off that scarf and try to get over the fact that Kiran's memaw relates to you.)
Not to exclude other interesting neighbors. This girl is wearing a pair of 2008 glasses on her forehead. I can't help but wonder why.
And of course, there's Kiran, reminding us to buy local.
Yes, it's a good neighborhood

I'd say that Kiran and Sophie will grow well here.


  1. When I saw the banner, I was thinking it was you too! Looks like a great bunch of kids and Kiran is the MAN!
    So chilled out in his headband. Aren't bandaids part of an adventurous life??? xox Corrine

  2. What a fun look at childhood through your eyes Leslie. The girl on the scooter looks so determined. When I see these kids, with smiles, determination, sweetness, awkwardness, and camaraderie with themselves and dogs,I can't help but feel very, very hopeful for the future of our world. And no one was texting while they drove either!

  3. Adorable photos of adorable kids!

  4. What joy!
    and beautifully photographed as ever.
    I love to see children un-plugged and outside......
    very happy making!

  5. Awesome post, makes me smile!

  6. you ARE that little girl!! yay. And I bet the glasses are saved because of the election? And, most importantly... Who's the little pup in Kiran's auto?

  7. Leslie,
    Amazing colours in these pictures! I love the new banner as well. Beautiul.

  8. What a beautiful neighborhood and as always gorgeous pictures.

  9. How can this be...Kiran is driving already :)!!!

    That little motorcycle riding darling has some attitude...great pics of the neighborhood gang Leslie!


  10. Do you think I could hang out?
    Fabulous photos you capture, Leslie of magical moments! Thank you ~


  11. First time at your blog Leslie - what amazing photography the clarity is fantastic.

    I came via Caterina's blog where she mentioned your class - this looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g, a pity I'm on the other side of the world!!

    Come and visit me one day when you get a minute and I'll get out my prettiest teacups out and make YOU very welcome!

  12. My favorite picture is of Kiran in the truck with dog and Buy Local sticker. Love your new banner too Leslie. You always capture the treasured moments of life behind your lens.

  13. Oh my gosh, Kiran has certainly grown since I last saw him here. I like the orange headband across his forehead. It's very sporting. I can't believe that he kept it on his head and didn't send it off flying like an elastic band. But then, he has some rockin' toys to divert his attention.

    And yes, I can see you in that little girl, too. I'd like to see a photo of you on your Harley, Leslie.

  14. Leslie:

    You sure have a lot of toys in your garage.

    can you get a picture of Jack in the jeep ? thank you in advance.

    I wished I were a kid again . . .

    Wet Coast Scootin

  15. Makes me feel JOY to read all!!
    Thank you. Yes to the little girl on her red scooter!!!!! Love her! And the 2008 glasses! What a neighborhood! I would love to play with these kids!!!


  16. What a fun neighborhood to grow up in! Dogs, kids of all ages, toys of all degrees of fun and the freedom to enjoy it all!! I want to grow up in your neighborhood. :D
    I haven't been by your site in a while.....Kiran is really growing up! How's Atticus?
    Happy Sunday,

  17. What fun! The fancy dressed little girls are wonderful! I grew up wanting to BE Isodora Duncan... have a great day, roxanne

  18. What a lovely and happy photos, Leslie!
    How nice is to live in that neighborhood. The best place to all kids.
    Love your new banner too.
    Have a happy weekend.

  19. Hi Leslie,
    Jordan sent us the link to your blog. We loved this entry! It was so nice to see my kids through someone else's eyes, and made me appreciate them all the more. Kerry (scooter girl) is a special one. I read this to her, and she was flattered that you see yourself in her. She wanted to know all about you! (We also had to go over some safety issues!) The rule is helmet, shoes and no scarves! The 2008 glasses are from a new years eve party, and have made their way into the kids' costume bin! Thanks for including the kids in your blog, and taking such beautiful pictures.

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