Tuesday, July 13

Mica pages in my wooden book

A few weeks ago I posted about my experience at Shakerag, and the book I made in Daniel Essig's workshop. I loved every single thing about the workshop. (Maybe I shouldn't share how much I loved that workshop, as I want to make sure I get a spot next year!)

But, I did love it. And I want to show you the inside of my book.
Unlike most of the books I make, this one has mica pages in addition to the blank pages.
But, not simply mica pages . . . (yeah, that bent end-page bugs me too)
Mica pages that have been constructed.
Elements have been added . . . like this locust wing that I found last summer.
I knew it would come in handy.
Like this page from the front of a German song book in which someone wrote their own music and this feather . . .
Like this bit of lace that I got from my friend Joanna.
The lace came from a book she got from her Nana.
It was the perfect thing to nestle between pages.
I found quite a few treasures to display between those mica pages.
Yep. Stuff. We all have it.
This workshop at Shakerag was awesome.

And Daniel Essig was an amazing teacher. I found this venue by following him.


  1. leslie, I love your book and especially the mica and inserts. would love to take such a wonderful class. thanks for showing us all! lyle

  2. Wow! I bet it's even more beautiful in person! I am going to try this art form someday. Thanks for sharing! hugs~ Stacey

  3. i was in awe of that book when i saw it and i am still in awe of it!

  4. Lesley, no word is good enough to describe this piece of art. Thank you for sharing.
    Svetlana xxx

  5. What's so amazng is that there are hundreds of little drawers and boxes in your studio... With thousands of individual elements collected during the year... That are woven into one theme, or a series of supporting themes, as you bind each book.

    It's hard for me to realize that there are hundreds of little drawers in both your heart and mind, filled with ideas and emotions you've compiled during the year as well... Each of these finds its way into the binding as it matures, or as it tickles yiur fancy.

    Can I take the turkey fathers off the seat of my mototcycle out in the garage now?

    The writer in the front room...

  6. Leslie your book is just breath taking. Simply amazing. Beautiful...
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. Pretty darn spectacular if I may say.

  8. That is beautiful! i believe Daniel Essig is from Asheville, isn't he? I am going to see if he offers anything here, as Asheville is where I live. But back to you: Your book is divine.

  9. oh Leslie, this book is just gorgeous, I am enamored of the tiny wings and the colors are just warm and inviting, draws me in immediately. what a great book! xx's

  10. I am playing with similar things, but not in book form like your beautiful books!!...

    they are like microscope slides detailing beautiful little vignette's


  11. wow, this is wonderful, leslie... daniel essig is the quintessential book maker. i've long thought that i'd like to take a class with him. maybe some day...

  12. Its so beautiful, I love all the details and stories behind them...

  13. Your books never cease to amaze me. This is absolutely stunning. The class must have been extraordinary!

  14. Your book is jaw-droppingly beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing it.



  15. Stunning and well done book Leslie! Don't you just love artists books?

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, Leslie! It's so beautiful! Wow. You really have found your niche in book-making. You're so good at it!

  17. Wow... what an incredibly beautiful book! Your treasures are well placed and will be lovely to look at in years to come. Hope you are loving your summer days... Deb

  18. This book makes my heart sing! I too love the inserts, the wings, the music and your pages. Also love what the writer in the front room wrote to you...
    I found a huge (dead) dragonfly in Alaska. I want to use her wings in my art...
    your work is spectacular... roxanne

  19. How wonderful to chance upon this entry on your blog! I have taught at SHAKE RAG - love that place! And I have taken a few classes from Dan on Washington Island at Sievers. Your work is exquisite and your choice of inclusions is brilliant, enhancing the warmth and beauty of the mica.
    Nancy Akerly, Liberty Grove Paper Arts