Tuesday, August 24

Bead Fest

Last week -- for the very first time -- I attended Bead Fest at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

The first class I took was a resin course with Susan Lenart Kazmer of Objects and Elements. Resin is not new to me, but still, I learned some things about using resin that I didn't know before. Susan taught a lot of metal-working techniques too. She was a very generous teacher.

This triangular resin-paper cover will eventually have pages inside and will be a book. The idea was that it would be a book necklace, but I think mine is a bit large for that.
Someone else in the class made this pod pendant. I loved hers, and I will be working on my own pod very soon.
On Sunday, I attended Linda Larson's Journal Necklace workshop. She also works with Objects and Elements. I love their . . . I was searching for some new words here . . . but, I love their objects and elements.
One of the (many) things I loved about this workshop was learning to rivet -- tube rivets and wire rivets -- and of course, the hinge.
It was a good weekend.
It was fun to share the event with my buddy Kecia.
These things are always better shared.


  1. Mica, metal, thread, paper, chemicals and beads... The elements of the new pallet.

    Little hammers, little anvils, little forges more common to elves peal in concert through the wee hours... And a new creation meets the dawn. I write in light... You create all night.

    Come the dawn, your gallery is richer by one, and the first of my words hang like wash on the electronic page.

    It was a week of art.

    From the writer in the front room, who is even now listening you paint -- with a hammer and a drill -- in the kitchen.


  2. Uh, wow?!? To see the art in photos, then to read down and see the art of your man in words...We've been doubly blessed by the beauty of your page...

  3. I am going to have to take one of Susan's classes in the future. She sounds awesome. I just picked up some Ice Resin and will be using it for the first time. I usually work with Easy Cast and am eager to try Ice Resin. Sorry I didn't see you on Saturday. What a fun but overwhelming day it was at Bead Fest!

  4. this makes me miss you so much... and then I remember you will soon be here...sigh...makes me so happy

    I'm thinking my "dot, dot, dots" have rubbed off on Jack! Yay... oh that man can make a girl weak in the knees with words...

    bigs hugs
    keli, the fan... cupcake

  5. Lovely fun times with some great artists and fellow pal artists too. I remember the necklace you made in Nina's class. Small books and book necklaces, very cool. xox Corrine

  6. Beautiful still life photos Leslie, and of course the necklaces are just as lovely.
    I agree with your last statement, its always fun to create art with a friend.


  7. How fun to attend with your friend...and what cool classes and beautiful work!

  8. The tiny pumpkin is magical.
    What an amazing workshop where you must have learned so much!

  9. Leslie, you make me drool with your creations... the amber colors, you are SO amazing! The triangular piece is very light and jewel like, and I see the beautiful smiling woman again who pulls at my heart... roxanne

  10. Lovely lovely work! And what fun it must have been to be with Kecia, one of my favorite bloggers.

  11. Beautiful work! Sounds like a great weekend.

  12. Watch out world! Leslie's learned how to rivet!!!!
    Hi Friend,
    It's SO cool how open you are to taking classes and learning new techniques.

    I'm not kidding about what I said above. You ALWAYS blow me away by taking what you learn to the next level!
    You go girl!


  13. we had so much fun and learned so much. where to begin? the shopping? the classes? the antics? the "strange" people? getting lost? screwing up the elevator? antiquing? wawa? the tools we bought? the ideas we percolated?



  14. As always you tell your story in such an elegant way.
    I love the pieces that you did...and that little pumpkin is lovely...did you also make it?

  15. Dear Leslie,
    Forgot to tell you what a cool pumpkin this is!

    Happy weekend!

  16. p.s. sometimes, only 'objects and elements' will do.

  17. That journal necklace is sensational. And that settles it...what ever you work on turns to gold!