Monday, August 2

Class notes

Yesterday I taught my Binding Memories class at Kecia's Lemoncholy Studio , where magic can be found in every corner . . .
In every nook . . .On every windowsill . . .
In the garden . . .
And in her studio.
Kecia is a wonderfully gracious hostess who didn't flinch when it started to rain.
She just moved our bleaching station and drying racks into her kitchen, and covered her floor with towels.She was not concerned by 120+ bleached pages drying over her kitchen floor, not the bleached spots on her towels, not the piles of bleach-soaked leaves and flowers on her table.
In this laid-back and inspiring venue, we bleached pages using natural materials and then bound them into books.
I loved seeing the work everyone produced.
Spending the afternoon with old friends and new.
Attaching faces and voices to folks I've known only through their blogs.
And was so satisfied seeing the stack of beautiful books created in a single afternoon and the smiling faces around me.


  1. This bleaching technique looks fascinating. Beautiful results. I love your photos as well.

  2. Leslie, It looks like you really had fun. Your pictures have amazing color...thanks for the post processing tips. Next time I'm down, you'll have to give me a much did you say it cost??


  3. Wow, what freedom, what fun and the bleach technique - fabulous. xox Corrine

  4. it is always so fun to see my world through the eyes of others! i'm happy to be accomodating - it is freeing not worry about such fuss and stuff! thank you for coming and looking forward to seeing you in a few short weeks; where will be off on some more fun!


  5. Oh wow. How I wish I lived close by!!! Those books and pages are lovely!!

  6. Leslie, this is so great. Really wonderfully great. How FUN to meet your virtual friends!

    These images are lovely. Lucky students...

  7. Leslie, you are such a great story teller behind the lens of your camera and inside your heart. I felt I learned a little more about Kecia. She is my kinda gal, not fretting about "the" stuff. People having a good time is more important to her, and that is what really matters in life. Looks like a fabulous class. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you again for the inspiration! I would love to open up those books and study and enjoy every one of them.

  9. Leslie,
    looks like your class was a huge success!!

  10. Thank you so much Leslie for this class. I had the best time and learned so much. And I know I will use these techniques again. You have such a wonderful soul and that shines through every time I have seen you! Where do I sign up for the next class???

  11. Dear Leslie, the way you share yourself, your feelings and your images of this class is so heartfelt and soulful. The way you notice "every nook" the way you love your art and the art of other similar souls. I am so happy I saw this tonight! sending love, roxanne

  12. So glad the workshop went well --and so beautifully documented.
    Wish I could have been there to share in all the fun and creative excitement.
    Your hostess sounds so lovely and acommodating.

  13. What a beautiful environment to create in!

  14. Congratulations to your students! What a joy to have you as their teacher! Everyone did a fab job Leslie! How exciting. You were only moments away from our old digs.
    Kecia's abode is cool. I did tell my friend Sandy about you. She had company unfortunately. You all would love to meet sometime.


  15. Beautiful colour Leslie! I love that mailbox photo!!

  16. Leslie, I cannot begin to tell you just how much I enjoyed your class and meeting you at last....I look at my book every night and remember our rainy day together.
    I loved seeing and touching your matter how gorgeous the photographs...and yours are always perfect...they are so much more beautiful and amazing when you see them and touch them.
    I would take another class with you in a heart beat...let me know when the next one comes up :) xoxo

  17. It looks like it was a wonderful class!

  18. ooohh...

    i bet everyone was thrilled!

    such beautiful art
    you have created!
    keeping these lovely book*covers
    out of the trash
    and turning them into
    such Amazing Treasures!

    {{ i would take a class from you
    in a heart beat, missy. }}

  19. What a wonderful day despite the rain - and really, did you think the rain was refreshing after this hot summer? The bleached pages are so lovely and those books - those books! - are magical!

  20. wish l could be in the l could have taken this course. looks amazing!x lynda