Friday, August 27


I forgot to include this doorplate that I resined in Susan's class in my last post. It will be added to the cover of a book.

Big surprise.

And I did make a pod.


  1. I had opprtunity to see Susan's work with resin when she was in Melbourne in March this year and was impressed. I have bought some but never got time to play with it. Seeing your beautiful pieces has inspiered me to give a go. I love this doorplate.

  2. What beautiful pieces!
    Now I'm going to have my eye out for some doorplates.
    The pod is so delicate...I love that you can see through the paper to the text on the back as well.

  3. Ooooooooooh
    Love your plate AND THAT POD!
    Your pod is inspiring me!!!!


  4. I love the doorplate, Leslie. What a great idea!



  5. Like looking through a keyhole...I would love to be able to see your books again...that was a highlight for me. When and where is your next class?
    Like your big is it?

  6. Dear Leslie, your art is always glowing, like autumn itself streaming through your windows. I am in love with your pod. Have a happy day! roxanne

  7. Hey Leslie,
    Wanna go cruzin' in my pretend Caravan? I would love to come ride mopeds with the gang in your neighborhood!!!


  8. You have been on the road a long time with your current adventures. The gardeners finished up today, removing rogue undergrowth that threatened to overwhelm the order in your garden.

    I sat out there with the dogs tonight, and watched the moonlight filter into all the places that it was previously denied. I realized that moonlight is the only element you have yet to capture in your dyes, your bindings, or your photographs.

    So I put some in a jar tonight. You can have it when you come home. Be careful when you open it. It is afraid of Atticus and will try to hide under the sofa.

    The summer ends in two more days. It will be nice to have you home on the first day of fall.

    The writer in the front room attached to your kitchen,