Sunday, August 8

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday I visited Tyler Aboretum's Nature's Enchantment display with the Littles and their folks.
Nestled in the trees we discovered the homes of woodland gnomes . . .
And other wee folks.
We saw miniature flowers . . .
Explored a crooked goblin house . . .
. . . filled with gargoyles, bats and giant spiders. (To someone's delight.)
We knocked on the door of the troll's house under the bridge . . .
And when he wouldn't answer, we looked for him from the top of the bridge.
We heard the summer sound of cicadas in the trees . . .
And found one to study more closely.
We saw black swallowtail butterflies . . .
And Eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies.
In the butterfly house, we saw monarch butterflies. We didn't see them outside of the protected area. The population has been devastated because of storms in their winter home in Mexico.
We saw this caterpillar that will turn into a monarch, and we saw several chrysalises.
It was nice to see them.
Kiran thought it was fun to blow on them and watch them fly.
photo by Kim Marsh

As usual, I took lots of photos.
With some interesting results!


  1. I often think of books as "your art"... until I see another set of your photos. That camera is putty in your hands Leslie, and J&K are so lucky to have all your beautiful shots! Sophie looks so much like Kiran, darling!!

  2. When you take children out in nature, you immediately discover how photogenic things are in their company. Innocence of the child and inherent innocence of the natural world combined bring forth images that can only be captured by the minds eye or the shutter of a talented artist.

  3. I absolutely love the very first shot, and the very last shot. So very different from each other yet connected. All the ones inbetween are gorgeous, but these two speak the loudest. What a talent you have!

  4. you are such an amazing photographer! and such precious subjects.

  5. What a wonderful adventure with your family. Was that reflection of you in Sophie's eyes done with camera magic?

  6. what a great outing! and great photos as always! love seeing your view of the world. the littles are growing up so fast!! and that last photo is just spectacular!!

  7. Superb work, Leslie! Your pictures always make me smile.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful...perfect.
    Next class you give should be photography. I have the cameras...but lack the skill...please :)
    The children are gorgeous and what a magical place.
    I love the last in a grandchild's eye...what is more perfect than that?

  9. aaahhhhh....

    these children
    are such a gift,
    aren't they!


    every time
    i see how they have grown
    i think about them being
    on the baby ticker display
    before their birth!

    aren't bugs the best thing

    if i had your lens
    i would never get up
    out of the grass...



  10. wait...

    reflected in her eye...

    is that her sweet hand reaching
    out to your camera?

    oh my.

  11. Looks like a very fun place to explore. And your photographs are beyond stunning.

  12. You take AWESOME photos! Next time you are in So Cal you will have to make a point to stop by CR. Come teach a class out here again!!

  13. Absolutely amazing photos! What a beautiful and enchanting place to see nature in all its glory!

  14. What a wonderful adventure, brave wild boy as always and with such an inquisitive sister. You are having such fun with your macro lens. Fab photos as always. Who knew cicadas were so beautiful. xox Corrine

  15. Just to see these images of your beautiful world makes my heart sing! The littles are so filled with delight, and the close-ups of the butterflies... make me sigh... roxanne

  16. more award winning photos Leslie. Is this place near your home? Looks so magical. Love the reflection of you in Sophie's eyes. Beautiful!

  17. You are an amazing photographer...each shot more wonderful than the next! I adore your site. Thank you.

  18. The kids are so cute, I want to squeeze them!

    Gorgeous photos.



  19. I always leave here in complete awe of your photography... fabulous!! xo Deb

  20. Gorgeous portraits of the Littles, Leslie. You have such an amazing eye for portraiture. If I had a little one, I'd be hiring you right this very moment to take his or her portrait for me.

    What a cool shot of your reflection in your granddaughter's eye! And is that your grandaughter???! She's grown up so fast since I last saw her photo!

    I'm so glad that you have such a close relationship with the little ones in your life. Lucky them, lucky you!

  21. It was a joy to come along Leslie M.!
    To get a chance to see the "wee folk" and to witness the way Sophie and Kiran looked alike at the same age. Really neat the photo of you in Sophie's iris!! not to mention ALL of your photographs! ******* You SO good!!!


  22. i love that someone took a photo of you taking a photo! good to see you in there. but the best photo is you reflecting in kiran's (sp?) eyes. exquisite, Leslie!


  23. It's a delight to see these photos. I'm so glad I am getting caught up after my 'issue'. Those wings! Can you believe it?! They are amazing. But these handsome kids surpass even those in the luminous dept.

  24. leslie, leslie, leslie... these photos....