Saturday, September 25

Big Sky

Montana is truly the land of the big sky. And it's a big beautiful sky.

One week really wasn't enough time to spend under it.
Still, I feel blessed to have spent a measly seven days there with my gracious hostess and buddy Keli and our mutual friend Dede.
Keli is an amazing artist and a wonderful hostess and tour guide. I could have spent the entire week exploring her studio in Missoula, and another going through stuff at her studio in her cabin at the lake. And still another week taking photos of the incredible setting.
Clearly, the next time we get together, it's going to need to be for a month.
Keli shared her love of wool and her ample supply and knowledge with us. You may not know that Keli has co-authored several books on the subject. She's amazing that way.
And then there are the cool folks who live in her neighborhood.
I'd love to spend more time expounding on my vacation under the big sky, but I was fortunate to be invited to participate in the West Chester Gallery Walk, and that's coming up next week. The dust is flying in my little studio.

Wednesday, September 22

Travels in time

I've been to Montana . . . 

Where I spent good times with friends and learned about some very cool things . . .

Then I went to northern California where I saw some beautiful stuff. I have a lot of photos to edit.

I caught up with family out there, where I saw still more amazing things.

This is a page out of my great grandfather's diary.

The one he kept while in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War in 1898-'99.

I hope he doesn't mind that I intend to put his diary on the internet.

There is nothing scandalous in these pages . . . only some interesting history penned by a soldier.

Just in case you might be coming back for the intrigue.

Tuesday, September 7

What to do with falling leaves

I spent a wonderful weekend collecting leaves in my yard.

You're probably wondering how "wonderful weekend" and "collecting leaves" can appear in the same sentence.
It's what we did with the leaves after we collected them that was so great.
My friend Patricia came up from Maryland for the weekend, and we attempted to recreate the beautiful effects that India Flint achieves in her eco-dyeing processes.

Armed with India's book, Patricia's pots, knowledge and hot plate; as well as some eucalyptus she got from a friend in Florida, we conducted some backyard research.
Some of our experiments turned out well, and others did not. (I'm not sharing those.)
Emboldened by our results -- and frankly running out of fabric -- I pulled an old favorite linen shirt from my closet and loaded it up with windfall and onion skins.
This is what came out of the dye pot.

I'm pretty happy with the results and will definitely wear this shirt with its new design.

When the weekend was over, Patricia and I celebrated our successes, our mistakes, and a beautiful weekend shared, with lunch at Terrain, before she headed south.

I love this image of her taken at lunch, but did you notice her hands? And this was after a shower.

 They look like time well spent to me.