Saturday, September 25

Big Sky

Montana is truly the land of the big sky. And it's a big beautiful sky.

One week really wasn't enough time to spend under it.
Still, I feel blessed to have spent a measly seven days there with my gracious hostess and buddy Keli and our mutual friend Dede.
Keli is an amazing artist and a wonderful hostess and tour guide. I could have spent the entire week exploring her studio in Missoula, and another going through stuff at her studio in her cabin at the lake. And still another week taking photos of the incredible setting.
Clearly, the next time we get together, it's going to need to be for a month.
Keli shared her love of wool and her ample supply and knowledge with us. You may not know that Keli has co-authored several books on the subject. She's amazing that way.
And then there are the cool folks who live in her neighborhood.
I'd love to spend more time expounding on my vacation under the big sky, but I was fortunate to be invited to participate in the West Chester Gallery Walk, and that's coming up next week. The dust is flying in my little studio.


  1. Once again, stunning pictures! I love the colors in the flower. That camera (last picture) would be pretty neat to take pics with.


  2. Spectacular photographs. Missoula. Keli. I do think you are traveling under a lucky star. xo

  3. Stunning shots of somewhere I think I need to find more about. Let's hope it's not too long before your next trip.

  4. I love your blog and the images are amazing..thats why l subscribe to your blogx What camera do you use, just out of interest?xxlynda

  5. Beautiful. This makes me smile....



  6. ah a month... a month would be perfect... to see and photograph and play with pictures... to paint and scrape - rub - transfer... to roll and dye and be surprised. to stitch and time to sit and stare... think of things yet to be done... ah a month... yes that is just what we need to do!

    miss you being here... it was grand

  7. Say "Montana" and my heart leaps! I am so happy that your adventures out west were so incredible. Best of luck with your "Art Walk".

    I used the stems of the ninebark for quite a long while...the yellow dye bath that it created was amazing!

  8. Dear Stiffie:

    You should do a series of three blogs, each focusing on a different aspect of your trip to Montana. The first should deal with the pictures you took outside... The mountains, the lakes, the fields and the wildlife. You next blog should focus on Kelly's studio, and her art. And the third should deal with what you guys created while you were together.

    That's what I'd like to see.

    The writer in the front office attached to the kitchen where you are being inspired today

  9. Love coming by your blog! But I wont forget how down I was when that Deb?from MMCA rejected me from her group back when my mom was dying and I was reaching out for art groups. Love ya and miss your doggie pics!

  10. Wonderful photos! Montana looks a gorgeous place!

  11. Reading your blog is such a pleasure! Stunning photographs!

  12. are certainly on the creative journey of a lifetime.

    When can we get together so I can see the fruits of your labors.......or would that be FUN?

    How was the gallery walk??????

    Missing you.

  13. As always I really enjoy your pictures! They are so beautiful. I'm so sorry that I missed The Gallery Walk...dang..I've been out of the loop with reading my fav blogs. I hope it went well for you!

  14. Wow... I can feel your jouousness in this adventure through your photographs. I love the thistle. Such tiny seeds of delicate beauty inside the sharp exterior. And I love seeing Montana through your eyes too!

  15. Beautiful images. All the way down from top of blog. Going back to look at those old journal pages. You r soo lucky.