Wednesday, September 22

Travels in time

I've been to Montana . . . 

Where I spent good times with friends and learned about some very cool things . . .

Then I went to northern California where I saw some beautiful stuff. I have a lot of photos to edit.

I caught up with family out there, where I saw still more amazing things.

This is a page out of my great grandfather's diary.

The one he kept while in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War in 1898-'99.

I hope he doesn't mind that I intend to put his diary on the internet.

There is nothing scandalous in these pages . . . only some interesting history penned by a soldier.

Just in case you might be coming back for the intrigue.


  1. Those are wonderful pages you have from your grandfather. Treasure.

  2. This is so great Leslie!

  3. Leslie! I thought you must be away... so glad you are back and sharing your bit of intrigue. I can hardly wait to see more! roxanne

  4. Read not the contents... I love the words on that diary page! What an awesome treasure, Leslie!

  5. delicious! I cannot wait to read more! Was he a lefty--there's that lefty slant that I always got in trouble for having in elementary school...

  6. I'll be back, as that moron Schwarzenegger would say. Laugh.

  7. Gorgeous nature shots. And your family's treasures are really remarkable.