Friday, November 5

A B C's

Three years ago, I made these letters for Kiran. . .

Which led to these for Sophie, that I worked on with her mom. . .

And then I made these for Lily. . .

And this one for Taylor. . .

And this one. . .

Which is one of Nadia's letters, that are not yet hung.

I have one more set that I hope to finish right pronto.

I buy my letters from DAmboiseDesigns and my embellishments from all over.


  1. Oh I love all the other ones!!! Could you make me a set that says "The Boss"? Or something else nicer ;)

  2. The depth of your talent is limitless!

  3. Each of your posts is full of surprises, Leslie: the photos of beautiful and character full kids, the nature surrounding you, the sensational ideas and the creations. I wish I could meet you.

  4. Leslie, these are the most wonderful letters! WOW!!! Love 'em.

  5. Leslie, just love the letters! I'm visualizing this charming boutique called,"Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails" filled with your amazing work. :))

  6. Okay, this is a GREAT idea. These are pretty, bold, personal, and unique. I want to make them. I WANT TO MAKE THEM!

    after coffee..

  7. These are wonderful! I especially love your hope pieces and the photo of Kiran under his name... Your family is very lucky to have you! roxanne

  8. What a great gift! Are all the little ones members of your family? I especially like the details of the I in Nadia. I like the greys with the little bits of colour. And you are really good with bows. Mine are always lopsided. Will some of these names and letters be Christmas presents?

  9. Are you marketing these? Soooo lovely!

  10. You bring there names to colorful life!
    So happy!!!


  11. wow, so these are your letters Leslie. LOVE. They are so beautiful, amazing. What a great class this could be...hint hint.

  12. Art and children
    and dogs.....
    how wonderfully creative you are

    love pretty Miss Sophie

    and the new stitching
    is a delight