Tuesday, December 21

The Littles and Atticus

The Littles were here today.

This is Sophie sitting in the rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother's cousin. . . the one that's been passed down maternal lines. The chair sitting in my family room.
Some of you have asked about Atticus.

He's here, always, with his blanket, where the kids are . . . where everyone is.
He loves when the Littles come, because they sometimes drop food. Actually, they always drop food.

See the rugs and yoga mats? They're in my kitchen because Atticus has been having trouble with his hips and knees. He's on a diet, and he's getting laser treatments and supplements, and he's doing better.
Kiran and Jack went to the basement to play with Jack's model trains today, and unless I learn about breakdown cars and cabooses, I may have lost him forever.
See this look of indifference?

Thursday, December 16

This little light of mine

I never forget how fortunate I am to live so close to two of my grandkids and to be able to share in the events of their lives, like Kiran's holiday program at preschool today.

The kids were all very serious about their performance. Kiran barely cracked a smile, but he (and the kids around him) were good at their hugging.
He has two cousins who go to school with him.

Willow was very serious about her singing.
And Taylor Grace . . . well, she was sort of serious about being bored. Definitely not as serious about singing as the boys around her.
But, Miss Sophie was seriously cute and fashionable in her role as audience member.

Wednesday, December 15

Another book and a test

I wondered what would happen if I changed the white background to black, but I'm thinking I should have worked harder on that photo fringe. the lighting is just not right with a black background.

Friday, December 10

Trot on over for a closer look

I've been working on presents these days, along with other projects, and am loving that white box for photographing my work.
Loving this yummy book chain too.

Monday, December 6

White Box

I made a white box today so that I could photograph a project that I won't be able to share with you for a while.
Weekend flea-market find

But the white box is like a puppy I can't put down! I'm looking around the house for things that it can chew on.
Letter opener made in Richard Salley's class at Artfest 2009

I am so excited with the possibilities.
Doll made by Akira Blount 
I guess this would be more impressive if my blog had a white background!