Tuesday, December 21

The Littles and Atticus

The Littles were here today.

This is Sophie sitting in the rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother's cousin. . . the one that's been passed down maternal lines. The chair sitting in my family room.
Some of you have asked about Atticus.

He's here, always, with his blanket, where the kids are . . . where everyone is.
He loves when the Littles come, because they sometimes drop food. Actually, they always drop food.

See the rugs and yoga mats? They're in my kitchen because Atticus has been having trouble with his hips and knees. He's on a diet, and he's getting laser treatments and supplements, and he's doing better.
Kiran and Jack went to the basement to play with Jack's model trains today, and unless I learn about breakdown cars and cabooses, I may have lost him forever.
See this look of indifference?


  1. Love the look on K's little face in that last pic. The pic says it all :)

  2. What a house full of love. I can feel it clear over here.

  3. well, Atticus is no dummy - he probably gets some great treats that way!

    sophie is really starting to look a lot like kiran!

  4. oh leslie...


    i Do hope
    you know

    how fortunate Your Are....


    i am happy just knowing
    you have the Littles
    and Atticus
    and all those
    you love
    and who love you back


    i am.

  5. Nice words and your photos, so big and wonderful. Since you know I'm a fan of Atticus, it's sweet how you focused you photographs on your kind dog. He's on "duty" when the "little's" arrive, you know!!

    Happy to hear his treatment is helping, Leslie!!!!

    The Little's are SO lucky and I have a hunch that Kiren will ALWAYS ALWAYS love his Memaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family to Scout and Atticus too!


  6. Dear Stiffie:

    The next time Kiran comes, will you please make lunch for two (peanut butter and jelly, accompanied by chocolate milk) and have it sent down to the "train station?"

    Kiran was distressed that he had to take 5 minutes out of the three hours he spent with me in the basement today (basically his whole visit) just to wolf down some macaroni and cheese.

    And don't try anything sneaky, like getting your own trains. You could never catch up to me unless you brought in a railroad architect and 2,000 Irish track-layers. Good luck with the Play-Doh and Sophie. Choo-choo to you.

    The Writer In The Front Room Attached To The Kitchen

    PS: The saut├ęd brussells sprouts were pretty good tonight, eh?

  7. oh! oh oh oh.

    I didn't know about Atticus. I am sorry.

    Isn't he regal, though?

    You will never lose them...

  8. Good to see Atticus, I've missed seeing him. Our ancient one at 14 1/2 has issues too. What we do for our furry ones that bring us so much joy. Sophie is quite the fashionista with her boots and beads! And Kiran, growing up so fast, even as a little. xox Corrine

  9. I missed Atticus too... nice to see the boy. I love Jacks comment...well I have no doubt you can master trains... they probably need a "train journal" to track... the tracks and such... ... that extra set of "dot, dot, dots" was for Jack... I know he just loves my writing style... wink wink

    the littles are growing up... wow!

  10. Sophie is looking so much like Jordan these days. Great pictures Les!

  11. Lovely photos as always!

    Merry Christmas!
    Faliz Natal!

  12. So good to see Atticus...you know I missed him. I am sorry to hear that he has been having pains. In your good care he will surely get better.
    One of the many things I love about you is that you know what is special in your life.
    Wonderful photos of the Children, they are looking more and more alike.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. xoxo

  13. The Littles are adorable. I love you. Happy Christmas!


  14. HEllo Leslie,
    Tis me again.
    Here to wish you and those you love a Merry Christmas!!

  15. Looks like everything that could be said about your entry has been said by now. Great shots, wonderful family, missed Atticus..lovely kids...eyup. So I'm left to say "ditto". Hope your Christmas was a merry one!

  16. Leslie: I loved seeing your adorable Littles in your exquisite photos. You have captured all their wonder and love in these pics. And Atticus is a smart one to hang around all that young activity. Keeps him young too! It is fun to catch up on your lovely creations. Happy Holidays!

  17. I came across your site while surfing the Net one morning and was absolutly just blown away; smart, well crafted and just plain beautiful - Goddess how refreshing to find work so inspiring. Continue, and let no one discourage you from these simple pleasures, I know that it's a lot of work but you present it all with grace and ease.

  18. I just had to share a link to your site on my facebook account; your photogrphy and well, shooo everything - is just a pleasure to visit. I'm speechlessly awestruct.

  19. Oh they are just too gorgeous for words... sending wishes for a wonderful new year ahead. Any plans of teaching up near me in CT? xo Deb ps... is hubby always so funny? ;0)

  20. Dear Leslie, one of the special things for me this year is getting to know you. I am so sad that Atticus is not feeling well. He is such an amazingly beautiful and wise dog. And you will never loose kiran. Darn those trains! Happy new year lovely one. roxanne

  21. Poor Atticus
    not in his first youth!
    I do hope he is feeling cheerful to see the children in spite of his age............
    Your grandchildren are so very lovely.

  22. oh my Leslie...those littles are growing up

    and are just too precious!