Wednesday, November 23

Thankful for . . .

"Where stone, that mystic symbol of permanence, nobility, and enduring strength, has been transformed by nature's sculptors into a grand display of three-dimensional artistry in rock unmatched for variety anywhere else." ~Ward Roylance
I've been to the most beautiful place.
With the most amazing light and color.
Zion National Park.
And making art around the table with friends. (Michael deMeng had a book like this when I took his workshop a few weeks ago.)
Yes, I'm thankful.

Wednesday, October 12

Six Days Old

I feel blessed to be there to capture a part of this little guy's first week.
Gosh, I love taking photos of these fresh ones.
Baby A was such a perfect subject.
So easy to pose.
And so stinking cute!

Friday, October 7

You've seen them before

You may recognize these little beauties.
Their mom is my sons' cousin and one of my first photo fans. And someone I love chatting with any time.
And these girls. . . Really what else could I say!

Tuesday, August 16

India Flint's Landskin

photos by India Flint

Nothing compares with the color of cloth infused with the soul of nature... Hundreds of plants, grasses, barks, and metals surrender their essence to cloth — causing it to take on new color characteristics when combined with water and heat. While one gentle process bleeds color throughout the material, another may transform the plant into a delicate print, an exact representation of the flora. 

No one knows more about identifying these plants, choosing the best process, and working the finished “landskin” into an object d’art than India Flint. An accomplished artist whose work has been exhibited in collections on two hemispheres, India travels the world, teaching her techniques, and sharing her expertise with artists who embrace a more natural philosophy. 

The $500 registration fee includes windfall-leaf collecting walks to gather material, as well as using a supplemental harvest of green waste from the florist and discards from the green grocer. Classes and demonstrations will include:
  • Creating a dye-sampler, to be applied over pre-felt, to create a one-of-kind comforter.
  • A dialogue on the effects of scrap metals, different waters and other easily sourced ingredients to influence dye outcomes as well as discussing a range of methods for plant dye application.
  • And a clever technique to ease the cutting which occurs during the felting process. 
The greatest benefit of this class is the opportunity to discuss every aspect of the combined process with India Flint, in an intimate one-on-one setting, limited to a small number of artists. 

This is a rare opportunity to meet a world-class artist of international renown, at a price determined by the economy. Space is extremely limited, but it is still possible to reserve your place and get a great travel deal from the airlines. 

          Dates:           September 7 – 11, 2011 (5 days)
          Time:            9:00 am – 4 pm
          Location:      West Chester, PA
          Fee:              $500  Does not include accommodations or meals
          Contact:        Leslie Marsh at 610-952-0763 or

At this date, payment in full is required for registration.

Sunday, August 7

Baby N

I recently had the pleasure of shooting photos of Baby N . . .

. . . and his mom too.

Monday, August 1

Oh, the People You'll Meet!

There are two creative urges that fight for my attention every single day. There's the urge to create something. And there's the urge to capture something with my camera.
That urge to capture something won when I started my 1,000 People blog.
I created this blog as an exercise -- I wanted to get more comfortable taking photos of strangers, and I also wanted to gain more experience setting up portraits and stretching my post processing skills.
I'm loving the collection of portraits I've collected already, and I have about 935 left to collect!
I guess it's going to take a while, but no worries.
I'm having a great time!

Monday, July 25

Ridley Creek

There is a wonderful park close to me and I frequently walk its 5-mile multi-use trail. Ridley Creek State Park covers more than 2,600 acres, the creek itself, which runs along that trail for part of the loop, is a nice little trout stream, and there are 12 miles of hiking trails through the woods too.
There is also a stable operating out of the park and a nearly 5-mile trail for horseback-riding.
Within the park boundaries was an 18th-century village that grew up around a mill, and today it is dotted with ruins and houses that are private residences. The park office is located in the Hunting Hill mansion, built in 1914 around a 1789 Pennsylvania stone farmhouse. The grounds are amazing, and their gardens and fountains are frequently the site for weddings.
The other day, I took some photos of the lovely Mary Kate and her brothers on those grounds.
It's a magical place, and I will return with my camera many more times.

Monday, June 27

Sunday, June 19

India Flint. In Pennsylvania. In the Fall.

Are you up for an eco-dyeing adventure?
I am so excited that India Flint will be teaching her Landskin workshop here (West Chester, Pennsylvania) September 7-11.
It was last summer at this time that I discovered India and her work while taking a workshop at Shakerag in Tennessee. I bought her first book on site, and have pre-ordered her second book.
I am a big fan. If you are too, and are interested in taking her Landskin workshop this fall, please e-mail me at There are just a few spots left for this workshop.
I've outlined more of the details here.

Debbie Herd attended India's Landskin workshop, and described her experience here. Her photos and description are amazing! Thanks, Debbie, for permission to link to your blog!

The cost for the five-day workshop is $500, but a $100 deposit will hold your place!

Thursday, June 9

A Drive Through Pennsylvania Dutch Country

With temperatures reaching nearly 100° for the second day, J and I jumped in the car to get out of the air-conditioned house for a while. A short 45-minute drive west delivers us to a world that seems to have been frozen in time 100 years ago -- Pennsylvania Dutch country.
But, wait. This farmer is pulling something behind his team that looks like it could just as easily be pulled by a modern John Deere tractor.

In fact, it most likely was built to be pulled by a tractor and was adapted to be pulled by his horses.
This generation of Amish have negotiated a way to incorporate aspects of the modern world without overstepping the ethical boundaries of their faith. There are quite a few Amish enterprises selling quilts, wooden yard furniture, produce and crafts to tourists in the Lancaster area -- but never on a Sunday.

Several years ago, my roof was replaced by an Amish roofer who went home to a house with no electricity at the end of the day. When I developed a leak after a strong storm several months later, he came out on a Saturday, removed a large section of roof, only to find it dry beneath. He discovered that the leak was, in fact, caused by hairline cracks in my stucco and a driving rain. He replaced the roof he had removed, sealed every inch of my stucco, and wouldn't accept a dime for his time. I haven't had a problem since.
Did I mention it was nearly 100° today?

By the way, I did ask before taking this man's photos. It's the polite thing to do.

Thursday, June 2

Every Once In a While Inspiration Hits You . . . And Lightening Can Strike Twice

Driven by the inspiration of others, I started two new blogs this week.

I know. What the heck was I thinking.
The first is a 365 Gratitude blog. Yes. I will post every single day for one year. You can find it here.

The other blog is filled with portraits. I have given myself no timeline, but eventually, I will have 1,000 people's photos on this blog.

My intentions are good and my resolve is strong.

I just thought I'd say that now, because I'll probably need to look back on this post on Week 26 or maybe Week 2.

Wednesday, May 25

Guest book

A guest book for the bride and groom. . .

. . . who are going to live at 311.

Sunday, May 22

I'm bound to be in New Jersey in July

It would be great if you could join me there for a coptic-bound metal book class at Kecia's fun studio in Wall, New Jersey.
You'll learn how bits and pieces of metal that all start out looking more or less like this. . .
. . . can become these!
This is the book we'll make in class,
but I'll share many more techniques with you.
The class will be held July 9 from 11 am - 5 pm, and the fee is $75. I hope to see you there!

Friday, May 13

Spring Snapshots

Purple abounds in my spring garden.
As always, click twice on the pictures for a closer look.
Three-year-olds on a bench on Grandparents Day. Mine is the cutest, of course.

And this little cutie gathering 'flowers.'