Sunday, January 30


I do not know anyone who is better at community building than Seth Apter.

Every Sunday, for years, he has featured and linked to the work of other artists. There is a wealth of information stashed on his blog.

This Sunday, he is featuring the collections of various artists. You should go there.

I'd use adjectives like incredible, brilliant, and fascinating to describe these people . . . except . . . well, I'm one of them!

And you might think less of me for that.

Friday, January 28

We Love Snow

There is no denying that a heavy snowfall brings extra work for everyone. Driveways to plow. Cars to unbury. School closings.

But, it also offers an excuse to stay inside and drink hot chocolate, a nice surface to sled on, and incredible photo opportunities, which I love.

There is another aspect to a wet and heavy snow that is appreciated around here. My poorly insulated studio roof is just the right environment for farming Atticus' favorite crop.

Ice bones.

Yep. We love snow.

Wednesday, January 26

I couldn't share these with you before

This book was made for my sister, Dani, for Christmas. That's her cute little kid mug in the lamp part bezel.
This book necklace was made for Jack's daughter.

Sunday, January 23

It doesn't have to be difficult

I am still happily stitching away on the cloth I started in Jude Hill's Cloth to Cloth workshop.
Even though the next workshop -- the one that focuses on modern woven boro -- has begun. . .
I love the way her workshops are structured, as I can follow at my own pace and not worry that the video instruction is going to disappear after a few weeks.

I am slurping up all of the stuff she posts and marveling at the things other folks are creating under her guidance. And I'm not stressed one bit.

In fact, I'm loving the cloth. I love the texture and feel of the different fabrics. I love the peace that hand-stitching brings. And I love the new awareness that this obsession has thrust on me. I want to feel what folks are wearing. I want to look at the back of fabrics.

I discovered shot cotton, as well as the joy found in fixing the things you have. The satisfaction in making good choices the first time and then caring for them.

The cloth has become more than simply something I picked up at JoAnn's. Spirit Cloth, Jude calls it. Oh yes.

This afternoon I dyed yards of cotton in potassium permanganate and then released some of that dye with a paint brush dipped in lemon juice. Potassium permanganate is used as a disinfectant, an antiseptic, and as water treatment. Creating the pieces above was quick, easy, cheap, and done in my kitchen. I'll be doing more experiments with this stuff!

* After reading further, I discovered that precautions should be taken when using this oxidizer. It can be toxic if large amounts are swallowed and is a mild irritant if inhaled, so keep the crystals away from children and pets. Read this for safety information.

Sunday, January 16

Covering My Bases

Because I'm doing it like breathing these days, here are more images of my stitching in between Jude's classes.
I am having trouble holding a pencil or a glass lately though. I guess my opposing thumb is out of shape.
And then we spent the morning with Sophie. "Oh, Atticus, I found your tennis ball!"
"Here it is!"
"One for you and one for me."
Right here is where I was supposed to yell, "Don't put that in your mouth!" except I pressed the shutter release first. My instincts are all messed up.

Here are a few snaps of a project I just finished . . .
. . . except I can only share peeks now.

Monday, January 10

The Dog You Never See

You may have read about this seldom captured dog of mine before. Maybe you even saw the rare photo of her. Scout hates the camera -- and a thousand other things -- so, it is very rare that she appears on my blog.

But my Christmas long lens may change all of that . . . until she catches on.

My Snowflake. My Scooter Pie. My Scout.

Sunday, January 2

All. Year. Long.

This morning, my good friend Bonnie quoted her grandmother who said, "Be careful how you spend the first day of the year. What you do on that day, you will find yourself doing all the year long. 
I wish Bonnie had posted this yesterday, or the day before. It would have been nice to have had a little more warning. My grandmothers never said this, and I didn't know.
So, I feel really lucky/wise that I got up early, and without a hangover.
Walked Atticus, had dinner with good friends, and went to bed early . . . 
And in between, played with fabric.
It's going to be a good year.