Sunday, January 2

All. Year. Long.

This morning, my good friend Bonnie quoted her grandmother who said, "Be careful how you spend the first day of the year. What you do on that day, you will find yourself doing all the year long. 
I wish Bonnie had posted this yesterday, or the day before. It would have been nice to have had a little more warning. My grandmothers never said this, and I didn't know.
So, I feel really lucky/wise that I got up early, and without a hangover.
Walked Atticus, had dinner with good friends, and went to bed early . . . 
And in between, played with fabric.
It's going to be a good year. 


  1. I've heard this saying most of my life! I didn't know it was some sort of folk story, saying, or whatever. I spent the day with my new/first grandboy. I also cleaned the kids' house and took home their laundry! But, I started my first online class, Visual Art Journal with Pam Carriker for Strathmore Papers. Had so much fun, all day long. I forgot how much you can do in one day when you're not thinking about getting something done! I feel I'm due for a good year as last year almost wiped me out! Hope every day for you is full of stitches, on cloth and in your side from all the laughs with good friends. Tina

  2. Beautiful.

    But I wish I had heard this saying sooner; I would have skipped the being annoyed part and would have prolonged the creative excursion.

    Happy New Year, Leslie!

    Wishing you all the best ~

  3. ha.... nice job with the weaving, just look at that fringe!

  4. I just want to dive into those yummy, rich colors!
    A lovely post for the 1st day...think you're off and running :>]]

  5. so gorgeous, leslie! and i'm with jude - just look at that fringe!!

    i'm sending you wishes for a fabulous new year, sweet woman...


  6. I wish I would've read this yesterday...wasn't that productive but it wasn't too bad....

    watched the sunrise...watched movies....watched my son play in the water..

    beautiful textiles! and thank you for the post :)

  7. yes it is going to be a good year! I was productive too, and love your fabric piece! happy new year!

  8. yes
    it is going to be a Grand Year,


    your photos are so Rich
    they must be under Lock & Key...

    here is the thing about that saying--->

    YOU are a grandmother
    {{ lucky YOU }}
    so you must tell your babies
    this saying
    when they are old enough
    to remember...

    teach them
    to start the Year off with what they Love Most...

    oh happy day!
    that you

  9. PS---> did you dye these fabrics
    you have
    such a wonderfilled stash
    of these yummy colors?

    am wondering if you made the heart
    it is making me swooooon!

    {{ a wee sewing machine
    is on my 2011 To Buy List,
    BTW }}

  10. Looks like it Leslie, slow cloth and dying and books and jewels and Oh, Oh photos. What more can there be to look forward to...xox Corrine

  11. Happy NEw Year Leslie!!
    Sounds like you had a perfect one!
    Your fabrics are rich and beautiful woven together! Great job!!
    I've never heard SPF's grandmothers advise before. Looks like I'm going be cooking and dining and playing this year!

  12. HA!! I know!
    I just found out about this first day of the year thing, too!

    You did good. purdy purdy!

  13. I guess I will be doing more driving this year--we were driving from Michigan to Texas all day that day....

    I love your weaving and sewing... I have a bin of fabric from my quilting days that I keep thinking about getting out and rediscovering quilting. By hand. But my oh my, the skeles are calling me to make them shrines and how can I deny them?!!!

    Keep posting about your cloth whispering... I am intrigued!!!


  14. Beautiful fabric and awesome photos!

    I wish I'd known that little saying... We didn't do much of anything. Laid around the house, played a couple of games with the kids but no art. Although I did take some pictures with me new camera. Ah-ha! Maybe that's it!

  15. Happy New Year dear friend xoxo
    I wish I had known...Hmmmmm!!! Now I am destined to needle felting strange little men all year long :)
    I just love your yummy fabric. I am counting the days until Judes workshop...see you there.

  16. Love what you are doing with the weaving the the fabrics. The colors and textures are really nice.

  17. Beautiful creation here. Wonder where the ever-creative Leslie will be taking this? Happy new year!!

  18. Love that first photo with such rich, yummy colors. And I want a heARTful pincushion like that!

  19. Yes Leslie, I see a beautiful year in store for you, colorful and rich.

    So dear are all of your photos. I couldn't think of which ones I should comment on. Sophie has grown!....and the books, wow.

  20. It will be a great year! I love your stitching and playing with fabrics, and that pin cushion is adorable! roxanne

  21. Lovely cloth weaving! Happy New Year!

  22. Hi! I did read about your "youth" days here in NM.
    My father's family is from Chimayó. He and his siblings worked in Los Alamos during the 40's. They each tell great stories of those times in our history.
    I have been gathering bits of vintage and hand dyed fabrics for the fast approaching boro class. I'm on the edge of my seat...........

  23. Your weaving is gorgeous. Your colors are gorgeous. Your heart pincushion is to melt for. And your photos are fabulous, too. I just love this entire post. And, if you wouldn't mind sharing, what camera do you use?

    is always
    so BEautiful and rich
    over here
    I am craving a visit
    yes Leslie
    it is
    a very good year...

    much love to you
    and all of your Littles
    and Bigs too,

    xox - eb.

  25. Came to visit from cwb class... Yes, a very good way to spend the year!

  26. i never heard that saying, but it will speak to me now for all the years, new ones!

    Happy new Year. I love your dog up above, isn't it wonderful how they love snow?

  27. Looks like you could be in for a great year.

  28. Beautiful autumnal weaving... and such a sweet little pincushion and shears.

    I hadnt heard that saying before. I had a very quiet and relaxing thats good!

    Jacky xox

  29. first visit...wandered from jude...definitely not last...beautiful glowing images...i also love the pincushion...i have heard the new years day old-wifism, from my grand aunt virgie...took it to heart...spent a wonderful first my husband...i hope its true

  30. Leslie, your beautiful blog never ceases to inspire me!