Sunday, January 30


I do not know anyone who is better at community building than Seth Apter.

Every Sunday, for years, he has featured and linked to the work of other artists. There is a wealth of information stashed on his blog.

This Sunday, he is featuring the collections of various artists. You should go there.

I'd use adjectives like incredible, brilliant, and fascinating to describe these people . . . except . . . well, I'm one of them!

And you might think less of me for that.


  1. Hi! You make gorgeous art work!!!! I am your follower now.

  2. Oh I came by because it is good to know there is another person as crazy about old books as me... thanks for sharing :)

  3. Leslie, You certainly deserve to be recognized for your fabulous creativity!

  4. Seth is amazing! Love your collection!

  5. awesome sights at altered page.
    i'm best in early morning, 4ish, with coffee
    in hand. i be back tomorrow morning.
    thank you leslie! wow.

  6. congrats Leslie...cannot wait to go check out your collections.


  7. Your books look yummy. I came here from Seth's blog.

  8. wow that photo of the old books is stunning! I love it when they've cared enough to stitch it back together.

  9. Thanks for being a part of this project Leslie. And thanks for the shout out!

  10. Dear Leslie, this photograph of your old books just glows with magic. I especially love the top one with the stitching. And Seth is wonderful!!! roxanne

  11. Well, I'd have to think less of you, because I couldn't possibly think MORE of you!!

    I commented on the previous post about Atticus, but I guess I did it wrong. Just so you know, he rocks.

    I LOVE Seth's site! I've been missing you and him because there's always so much yummy.

    And sometimes, there's a fresh lemon scent. I don't know how you do it!