Sunday, January 16

Covering My Bases

Because I'm doing it like breathing these days, here are more images of my stitching in between Jude's classes.
I am having trouble holding a pencil or a glass lately though. I guess my opposing thumb is out of shape.
And then we spent the morning with Sophie. "Oh, Atticus, I found your tennis ball!"
"Here it is!"
"One for you and one for me."
Right here is where I was supposed to yell, "Don't put that in your mouth!" except I pressed the shutter release first. My instincts are all messed up.

Here are a few snaps of a project I just finished . . .
. . . except I can only share peeks now.


  1. love the leggings on Sophie!
    looking forward to seeing the competed projects.

  2. Dear Leslie/Stiffie

    I alone have seen the beauty and intense depth of your recent work. No woman nor artist has ever bestowed a privilege like this on me.

    Anyone interested in looking at pictures of Leslie's "secret projects" should contact me directly. The photo's are $60 bucks each.

    Fondest regards,
    The Writer In The Front Room Attached To Leslies Kitchen.

  3. Oh, my! Sophie is growing so quickly!! And don't worry; you have the artist's priorities. No one has ever died from licking a dog's tennis ball. Don't you know? GSD germs are the best! lol

    Now I just have to be patient and wait for you to unveil your art. I can't afford Jack's pricing...

  4. And nice sneakies they are too! Love the way the stitching is shaping up. Bet its addictive.

  5. Those are some peeks! Gorgeous.

    Both projects are stunning and Sophie is so sweet.

    Thank you for sharing this, Leslie. Beauty is one of my favorite ways to start my day.

  6. Such yummy things are happening in your studio. That Sophie is a fashion plate and a half...Aren't we all supposed to eat a little dirt and of course dog yuck in your lifetime! Wonderful post. xox Corrine

  7. What a lovely post into your world. Sophie is to cute in those leggings, and Atticus has a new friend. Your stitching is lovely and the secret project is beautiful. Can't wait to see more.

  8. my favorite stitching here?
    the window!
    i wonder what the big
    picture is there.........

  9. Lucky Sophie, Atticus, and Jack who get to spend the day with you.

  10. The glimpses of your fabric piece and the other project are so beautiful. The colors are so warm!

  11. beautiful photo's...cant wait to see ur finished project! I love that little sketch of "your" dog?? on your unfinished project

  12. I love the window and the flower you're about to stitch ....
    Lovely grandchild (I presume) and they say it's okay for children (to a certain amout) the snif and tast things. They are brought up "too clean" nowadays .... ;-)

  13. Sorry : amount ... and to snif ...

  14. can she be any cuter!


    love all your new work, the textures and coffee stained colors


  15. All so lovely Leslie! The sweet tennis ball sniffer, the kind and patient Atticus sharing his tennis ball....... and would love to see more of that last image with the shepherd image!!!

    Nice embroidery work too! You so have it going on!

    Your sister in Pipi!!

  16. Only peeks?! wha---?

    What's going on with your thumb? I hope that clears up right away. This work you're doing is awesome.

  17. First, those little bitty legwarmers on your little bitty grand-daughter are sooooo adorable! Awwww! I like your pro attitude towards her smelling things, even well loved doggie toys. Twenty years from now she'll be smelling lemons and oranges the same way.

    And your artwork, as usual, is so beautiful, Leslie.

  18. Wee leggings for a wee sprite!!! I had no idea they made them so tiny!! And A is the best babysitter ever!!! And good job on having enough tennis balls to go around!!! Dirt is our friend. And dog slobbers and goatie kisses!!

    I admire your jumping into Jade's artistry--as it is, I gaze upon my fabric stash daily (as it's in a bin in my bedroom floor) and tell it just a little longer... felt is before fabric and tiny shrines are before all of it....

    Keep warm sista!! And the peeks-don't toy with me like that!!! MORE!!!!

  19. the stitching of your lovely fabric piece,then the focus of intention on the fine detail of Sophie, and her language arts, that image (so wonderful) of her sniffing the ball, all also stitches of her memory threading--holding time. it really touched me. Opened my heart.


  20. lovely
    windows into you world,

    sneaks of art in the making,
    peeks of babies in the playing



    {{ i always leave your blog
    a Fat & Satisfying smile
    on my face

    i want purple


    wouldn't THAT be something!}}

    PS--does jack take paypal?
    $60 might be worth
    the thrill
    of a complete project viewing.

  21. I want Sophie's outfit.

  22. Who made the adorable leg warmers on the baby? As always your pictures are just lovely. Your stitching is looking good. Exercise that thumb so you can keep making such pretties!!

  23. Sophie is such a sweetness. Those cheeks!

    Hope all is well, Leslie.



  24. Oh, I want to come live at your house. So many beautiful things are there. I love how the cloth is coming beautiful and full of spirit!