Sunday, January 23

It doesn't have to be difficult

I am still happily stitching away on the cloth I started in Jude Hill's Cloth to Cloth workshop.
Even though the next workshop -- the one that focuses on modern woven boro -- has begun. . .
I love the way her workshops are structured, as I can follow at my own pace and not worry that the video instruction is going to disappear after a few weeks.

I am slurping up all of the stuff she posts and marveling at the things other folks are creating under her guidance. And I'm not stressed one bit.

In fact, I'm loving the cloth. I love the texture and feel of the different fabrics. I love the peace that hand-stitching brings. And I love the new awareness that this obsession has thrust on me. I want to feel what folks are wearing. I want to look at the back of fabrics.

I discovered shot cotton, as well as the joy found in fixing the things you have. The satisfaction in making good choices the first time and then caring for them.

The cloth has become more than simply something I picked up at JoAnn's. Spirit Cloth, Jude calls it. Oh yes.

This afternoon I dyed yards of cotton in potassium permanganate and then released some of that dye with a paint brush dipped in lemon juice. Potassium permanganate is used as a disinfectant, an antiseptic, and as water treatment. Creating the pieces above was quick, easy, cheap, and done in my kitchen. I'll be doing more experiments with this stuff!

* After reading further, I discovered that precautions should be taken when using this oxidizer. It can be toxic if large amounts are swallowed and is a mild irritant if inhaled, so keep the crystals away from children and pets. Read this for safety information.


  1. How cool is that? You are an Artist, large "A" in all things, Leslie! Next time we're out, I wanna stop in and see where the magic all happens! I'm in awe, and inspired!

  2. More stuff to explore... I LOVE it! And Monica's table runner, if that
    s what I think it is, is stunning! I believe you have the Midas touch where art is concerned!

  3. i love the dye idea, where did you learn that?
    also, because of the size of your photos, i often find it difficult to get this blog to load.

  4. I am loving your story developing with the cloth and your new dyed fabric is fantastic Leslie, non-toxic is so good. xox Corrine

  5. Shazam! i want to try this with
    the denim i've cut into strips!
    gotta get my nephew to school
    first! then it's time to play!
    gracias, from New Mexico

  6. I agree with Dede. You *do* have the Midas Touch.

    Beautiful, Leslie.

  7. beautiful Leslie. I realize that I don't have the right fabrics to really get going in the Boro workshop. I went out to find a thrift store and never found it. I should have used my Maybe I'll go out today and try again. I know there are a lot around here. Hard to learn a new area. What you have done is just breathtaking. Thank you for the inspiration...grabbing keys now.

  8. after reading your story here i strode over to my frig, took out a bottle of prickly pear cactus nector, poured a bit into a small bowl and began dyeing very small snips of cotton and lace! Wow!
    i've never attempted dyeing fabric before but the out come is great!
    after dropping my nephew off at school this morning i'll take photos of the very pink pieces and post them at my place.
    huh. this week is Science Fair Week at his school! Guess this was my own science fair project : )

  9. I love this quilt, Lesley. It spreads love and warmth.Everything on this quilt: the colours, fabric, design on every single square wake up the feeling of love and warmth.

  10. Oh Leslie, I love it!!!! There is so much talent in those hands of yours. I am also taking this class and love stitching everything together.