Friday, January 28

We Love Snow

There is no denying that a heavy snowfall brings extra work for everyone. Driveways to plow. Cars to unbury. School closings.

But, it also offers an excuse to stay inside and drink hot chocolate, a nice surface to sled on, and incredible photo opportunities, which I love.

There is another aspect to a wet and heavy snow that is appreciated around here. My poorly insulated studio roof is just the right environment for farming Atticus' favorite crop.

Ice bones.

Yep. We love snow.


  1. Oh sweet boy, he is getting older, one of mine loved ice too. xox Corrine

  2. oh my

    being a florida girl
    i had no idea!!

    ~~ice bones~~


    that atticus!

    he has been protecting you
    from The IceStorm Baddies,
    from the snow*man zombies,
    from the FrostyFreeze Frightfuls

    stop Me Now!

    i have no notion of what
    '''Winter Monsters'''
    would leave ice bones
    laying around...




    never mind................

  3. Atticus has the right idea and Penny agrees with him. She loves to play and smell and frolic!
    I am happy now that we have power back.

  4. oh yeah great photo ops def! the contrast is so brilliant! and Atticus is one gorgeous hunk of a dog!! xo

  5. Leslie, I AM a bit jealous...
    I want some snow

    remind me that I said that when I am complaining of our heavy spring snows that crush the flowers as they begin to peek out.

    but really, I want to go play in the snow


  6. Oh, Leslie, I wish I could have a bit cooler here. In Perth has been so hot last few days. Today is 40* and god bless the airconditioner.

  7. thank you for the visit...
    for it has brought me here, to your great beauty.
    i am off to take in more....


  8. Dear Stiffie:

    Please be advised that Atticus followed me to the back door this morning, but refused to venture out. Scout, however, ran out to the fence. left a message, and returned. I think Atticus expected me to put on your slippers, stand in the snow, and sing to him — like you do every day.

    There are limits.

    The Writer In The Front Room, Attached to your Kitchen

  9. ICE BONES!!!!! Mwahahahahaaaa!!!! He is SO HANDSOME!!!
    Thanks for the chilly reminder--you go ahead and enjoy it there while we enjoy our 70s... the wrens have been singing for about a week and today I hear the male cardinal calling... spring is on its way!!

  10. the snow looks beautiful and Atticus looks like he is enjoying his ice bone.

  11. Love, love, your beautiful photos. And...Atticus, be still my is lovely to see him so happy with his Ice Bones.
    As I type this I am laughing at Jack's comment...I can picture, lovely you, singing to Atticus. What is his favorite tune?

  12. Atticus looks so comfortable! He's not cold at all! Speaking of which...I'm writing this on February 2nd, which mean right about now you should be getting hit with the snow storm of the century! They predict 2 feet for Chicago. You must be getting blasted too!

  13. Our Shepherd always loved ice! He would tip his head up so the water would run down his throat.

    i got a little emotional. stop it.