Monday, February 28

Flea Market Finds

Saturday I went to Renninger's Mid-Winter Classic Antique Show with Kecia. We found some great stuff. One of my favorite finds was this child's Morris chair with the original pads. It even reclines - just like my full-sized version.
This art nouveau note pad was another. I came back to it twice before giving in.
And this Big Ben that still works!

Thursday, February 24

Boys Night Out

Double-click on any of these photos for even more fun.
Tonight was boys night out . . .
And I'm still a lucky girl . . .
Because I got to tag along . . .
And witness all of this fun.
Memaw's privilege. 

Thursday, February 17

I'm a lucky girl!

Last week I won one of Kathy Dorfer's wonderful Alala paintings! Alala On a Heart Felt Journey. The color in my photo doesn't do it justice, so go see it on her blog. It is beautiful!

And since it was Valentine's Day, she included this lovely little heart bead that she made!

I'm a lucky girl!

Sunday, February 13

A Journey Completed and the Delaware Museum of Natural History

It is such a nice feeling to complete a project . . .
To check it off of my "to do" list . . .
And to spend a morning with The Littles at the Delaware Museum of Natural History exploring the exhibits.
We enjoyed the museum's dinosaur display . . .
Always a favorite.
And we visited an African water hole . . .
We looked under the sea . . .
But, the things we really came to see (but were afraid to look at) were the hairy spiders.
We tackeled our fears and discovered that tarantulas are not deadly to humans.
And then we had to face some other fears . . .
Like walking across the glass floor over the Great Barrier Reef (well, not the real one).
It's easier to overcome your fears when someone holds your hand.

Monday, February 7

Written over my heart

I haven't made a metal journal since before Christmas, but now there are seven on my work table. The covers for this one -- with the bullet pencil tucked into part of a vintage hinge -- is the one I like best.
I can't step away from sewing though, and I love the hearts patched together from old sari fabric on vintage feed sacks.
The hearts and other blocks I've been sewing (and will sew) will eventually become a table cloth.

Saturday, February 5

Thursday, February 3

A Tintype Workshop in Southern California

I met Sean last fall in Montana while vacationing with Dede Warren and Keli Hansen. We were drawn to the tintypes and ambrotypes he had created with his vintage cameras. We were excited when he came over and gave us a mini-tutorial about his processes AND took our photos. And we are thrilled that he has agreed to come to California and teach this two-day workshop in the spring.

You should join us for what's sure to be a fun-filled and informative two days in Southern California! More information will be posted soon.