Monday, February 28

Flea Market Finds

Saturday I went to Renninger's Mid-Winter Classic Antique Show with Kecia. We found some great stuff. One of my favorite finds was this child's Morris chair with the original pads. It even reclines - just like my full-sized version.
This art nouveau note pad was another. I came back to it twice before giving in.
And this Big Ben that still works!


  1. Awesome, loving me some chair...

  2. Somehow, I knew you didn't buy that chair for me. But I was hoping...

    The Writer In The Front Room Attached To Your Kitchen

  3. WOW what awesome buys you found.

  4. Great finds. Now a photo of you and one of the littles side by side! xox Corrine

  5. Love Antiques furnitures and objects. The Morris chair is beautiful! Very nice the note pad too.
    My husband has a clock very similar. It works but is very noisy... Lol!

  6. i love a good flea market!
    methinks, a good eye you have...

  7. oh man!
    you really scored...

    {{ i am a sucker
    myself for wee chairs;
    imagining brownies and elves and such
    sitting in them whilst i sleep... }}

  8. Oh, my!!! lovely finds. I especially like the art nouveau note pad.

  9. It's so amazing what just looking at vintage pieces does. There's a kind of communication of sorts from them, for me, that I find hard to convey. Especially books . . what went into the making and the hands that held them.

  10. great finds Leslie, especially that little nouveau note pad. What are you going to do with it? The chair is beautiful too. I love little chairs and this one is so special and so you.
    Hope you are well.

  11. that was really fun, even for that lady in the red coat! the chair is so wonderful in person and i tried to stick that art nouveau piece in my purse, but Atticus was watching me like a hawk!

    thanks for going, i had a great weekend!


  12. Great finds! I almost went, now I wish I had!

  13. Okay. I cannot believe that chair still has the cushions. Even is you have no place for it, you have to take it home. beautiful!