Sunday, February 13

A Journey Completed and the Delaware Museum of Natural History

It is such a nice feeling to complete a project . . .
To check it off of my "to do" list . . .
And to spend a morning with The Littles at the Delaware Museum of Natural History exploring the exhibits.
We enjoyed the museum's dinosaur display . . .
Always a favorite.
And we visited an African water hole . . .
We looked under the sea . . .
But, the things we really came to see (but were afraid to look at) were the hairy spiders.
We tackeled our fears and discovered that tarantulas are not deadly to humans.
And then we had to face some other fears . . .
Like walking across the glass floor over the Great Barrier Reef (well, not the real one).
It's easier to overcome your fears when someone holds your hand.


  1. Fantastic books, Leslie! And kids.... so gorgeous, their expressions are priceless.

  2. oh adorable! I cannot believe how fast she has grown! and I would be afraid of that floor too.
    ps, although not deadly, I once had quite a fight with a tarantula in my garage in Sedona! creepy!!

  3. Thes kids are just too cute for words they are a treasure in themselves
    You books are just too die for

  4. priceless......your grand kids and your books!!!

  5. Oh that looks like so much fun!

  6. Charm galore!

    (except for the hairy spiders. those aren't so charming.)

  7. Your 'littles' are super cute, I can't blame anyone for being afraid of a (hairy) spider - ick! thank you for your comment!

  8. This was such a beautiful post!Her hand on her face was so sweet. I loved it all!

  9. Leslie,
    Absolutely beautiful!


  10. Your books keep getting better and better and better!

  11. Okay, I'm not commenting this time, but if I did, I'd say this is going to be forwarded to both of my friends. It's just that fabulous.

  12. I'm with her, man. I hate spiders!

    Love you,


  13. The "Littles!" What a cool way to describe them! It was great when we were babysitting the other night and Kiran took off with my cane. He was hiding, and I couldn't see him. And then I saw the top of the cane moving around the furniture.

    I was thinking of him then in terms of a "little..."

    Tell La Dolce Vita I want to talk to her and get the details of the tarantula stand-off in her garage. I can make a great story out of that. I'll trade her the "Snakes In The Garage" piece.

    The writer in the front room attached to your kitchen

  14. Your littles are just so precious...thank you for sharing tihs outting and your beautiful photos of it!

  15. These photographs of your little ones are amazing, beautiful, and so filled with the wonder of this museum through a childs eye. I have to take another look! roxanne