Monday, March 7

Fullerton, here I come!

I recently completed a couple of new metal books.
But, this time they're for class samples.

I'm teaching two classes at Gilding the Lily in Fullerton, California, next month.
I'll be teaching this small Coptic-bound book class on Saturday, April 2.
And this even smaller book necklace on Sunday, April, 3.
I hope to see you there!


  1. Yay Leslie, I'm so glad you're going to come teach your books again! People are already signing up, and they can't wait to see your books in person; I'll take them in tomorrow. 25 days and counting until he fun begins!!!

  2. What beautiful pieces... especially the necklace. Your work is exquisite! roxanne

  3. Yay and double yay!! Can't wait to have you here with us again!

  4. Oh. Your students are SO lucky!

    yay :)

  5. have a great time Leslie! I know your classes will be so successful!! xx's

  6. Lovely. Mysterious and strong. Inviting.

  7. omgosh I love the book necklace. When are you going to be teaching in the Philly area? : )

  8. I wish I had the means! I would so take your classes! I love the necklace! You're really not that far away from me too... sigh... ; )
    Have a great time in Cali Leslie!

  9. OMG Leslie,
    The book and the Book Necklace~ I'm speechless!!
    YOU~SO good girl~
    Love Guiding the Vintage Lily!
    Soon you will be in California.
    WONDERFUL for you and for Dede and your students~~
    Woo Hoo!!


  10. You wake up longing in me with these books. But it is still too hot in Perth to have flux and solder smell all over the house. For the time being I stick with paper.

  11. oh
    your dear little treasures!

    you are going to make your students
    Way Happy!

    i love the spine views
    showing the papers.


    {{ i must know:
    is there is anything inside your samples
    on the pages...
    a single word
    a short poem
    a wee photo

    anything? }}

  12. treasures of all time!
    have a safe trip. hope you are
    able to share some of your students
    book creations! i shall return for a lookie see...

  13. beautiful workx wish l lived in USA and l would be there like a shotxx lynda

  14. your books are soooo beautiful!

  15. you know, I'm half way in between where you are and where you are going.... I'd love to have you visit!!!! And teach a class, in my living room!!!
    Congratulations!!! You're going to have so much FUN!