Friday, April 29

Crowns All Around

Princesses are not just in England.

My good friend M's son took his MCATs today, and I thought she deserved a crown.

I made her one.

She made me dinner.

Good deal.

Saturday, April 23

Tie-Dyed Eggs

I dyed eggs with The Littles on Thursday, which prompted me to come home and try something I saw on Kelly's Facebook page.
I gathered up some silk ties from the thrift store . . .
wrapped eggs in the silk and the tie lining, boiled them for 20 minutes . . .
and got these tie-dyed eggs!

I'm going to try for better results later today! (I'd like to see more pattern, less white.) But, this was a fun, easy way to dye eggs. (I wouldn't eat them though, as the dyes aren't food-safe.)

I'm happier with this batch. I used old sari silk this time (not that I think it was better), wet the fabric before I wrapped, and didn't allow so much overwrap. Clearly, the more contact the silk has with the egg, the better the transfer.

Wednesday, April 13

History, Metal and a Camera

Gosh, I love a good old photo with a story. The vintage family photos I have been blessed to own or have access to are treasures to me.

Unfortunately, my family was not in a position to capture daguerreotype, ambrotype, nor tintype images when these photography methods were being practiced in the mid 1800's.
However, last weekend, I was able to learn how these images were created, and how to reproduce my own, thanks to the knowledge and gentle teaching style of Sean Kochel -- a charming young man from Missoula, Montana.

It is a craft I will use again and again. Actually, the fact that I can do this might become part of family legend in itself!
It's a complicated process and not at all precise. There are very many variables. Seconds to count off, solutions to mix correctly. Humidity, heat and human mess-ups all decide the outcome.
These are two that I took during the weekend workshop, hosted by Dede Warren. Mine were not perfect at all.
Not even close to perfect, but fascinating (to me) nonetheless, and enough to lure me into the craft.

Stay tuned.

And check out this and this.