Wednesday, May 25

Guest book

A guest book for the bride and groom. . .

. . . who are going to live at 311.

Sunday, May 22

I'm bound to be in New Jersey in July

It would be great if you could join me there for a coptic-bound metal book class at Kecia's fun studio in Wall, New Jersey.
You'll learn how bits and pieces of metal that all start out looking more or less like this. . .
. . . can become these!
This is the book we'll make in class,
but I'll share many more techniques with you.
The class will be held July 9 from 11 am - 5 pm, and the fee is $75. I hope to see you there!

Friday, May 13

Spring Snapshots

Purple abounds in my spring garden.
As always, click twice on the pictures for a closer look.
Three-year-olds on a bench on Grandparents Day. Mine is the cutest, of course.

And this little cutie gathering 'flowers.'

Monday, May 9

Montana bound

I've been working on some books that are heading to Talc -- my good friend, Keli's gallery/coffee shop in Missoula.
I found some great elements for the books here.
And, I'm dreaming about this workshop with India Flint.

Wednesday, May 4

Going Green . . . and Yellow, and Brown, and Red . . .

India Flint is coming to Pennsylvania, and a lucky few of you will share the week with her (and me).
You may remember me waxing on about India’s workshop (not the one I was taking) last summer. Or practicing her techniques last fall.
This fall, India will be sharing her techniques and wit in West Chester, PA. During these five days -- September 7-11-- she will be teaching her “Landskin” workshop HERE from 9 – 4.

Cost: $500

In India's words: 
Working with bio-regional dye sources, felting and gentle stitching during an explorative journey in felt,  stitch and colour.
In the construction of our ‘landskin’ we will colour cloth using very simple ingredients; leaves, water and heat. We will work with bio-regional dye sources, windfall bundle dyeing techniques and gentle meditative stitching. We’ll make soft pieces of pre-felt.
Together we shall take windfall-leaf collecting walks to gather material and supplement the harvest with green waste from the florist as well as discards from the green grocer. During the class we will create beautiful dye samplers, gradually piecing them together over the prefelt to construct an exquisite composite textile that can keep us warm on our further travels.
We will harness the effects of scrap metals, different waters and other easily sourced ingredients to influence dye outcomes as well as discussing a range of methods for plant dye application. Involves a nice bit of trick cutting during the felting process.”

Space is limited. For more information or to sign up, contact me at

Tuesday, May 3

An Unusual Package

This isn't normally the way my mail looks, but this package was delivered by my mailman on Friday.
All the way from Ukraine. What an interesting tag!
I had some help opening this package.
Lots of help.
Inside, I found this great old camera case, and inside of that, this awesome old camera!
After the workshop in California with Sean, I want to keep making tin types. This large format camera made in the former Soviet Union will allow me to make larger photos more easily.

Once I figure out how to use it.