Wednesday, May 4

Going Green . . . and Yellow, and Brown, and Red . . .

India Flint is coming to Pennsylvania, and a lucky few of you will share the week with her (and me).
You may remember me waxing on about India’s workshop (not the one I was taking) last summer. Or practicing her techniques last fall.
This fall, India will be sharing her techniques and wit in West Chester, PA. During these five days -- September 7-11-- she will be teaching her “Landskin” workshop HERE from 9 – 4.

Cost: $500

In India's words: 
Working with bio-regional dye sources, felting and gentle stitching during an explorative journey in felt,  stitch and colour.
In the construction of our ‘landskin’ we will colour cloth using very simple ingredients; leaves, water and heat. We will work with bio-regional dye sources, windfall bundle dyeing techniques and gentle meditative stitching. We’ll make soft pieces of pre-felt.
Together we shall take windfall-leaf collecting walks to gather material and supplement the harvest with green waste from the florist as well as discards from the green grocer. During the class we will create beautiful dye samplers, gradually piecing them together over the prefelt to construct an exquisite composite textile that can keep us warm on our further travels.
We will harness the effects of scrap metals, different waters and other easily sourced ingredients to influence dye outcomes as well as discussing a range of methods for plant dye application. Involves a nice bit of trick cutting during the felting process.”

Space is limited. For more information or to sign up, contact me at


  1. Oh, Ms. Marsh!!! I am so so so wanting to be there with you to learn India's "Landskin" technique! I should know it......having spent more than an hour or two with her....but I don't. And now I have a question.....ever since I saw you take that photo of my's mine......I have wondered what incredible lens you were coveting that week? I have a Canon EOS 30D and am lusting for a macro lens for it......what to buy? I just love that photo and know the photographer is most talented!

  2. Hey Marianne! I hope you don't mind me using your piece as an example. I was so mesmerized by the work you all were producing in India's class. I've been wanting to BE in that classroom ever since.
    The lens? I shoot with a Nikon D700, and the lens is a 105 f2.8 macro. I love it!
    You should come for the class!

  3. Oh, I just know you're going to have a great time! I so wish I could be there... boo hoo!

  4. Leslie.....are you kidding? I'm HONORED you used that photo! I'm sleeping on the prospect of joining you.......what a great time you will have!!! One funny thing you may not know is that as you were in Dan's class at Shakerag, I had taken two classes with him at Anderson Ranch the summer prior......we are certainly crossing media paths! Now more motivated than ever to treat myself to a macro lens! ox Marianne

  5. what can i bring? my pots... pine needles... the genko was a bust.. but we could try again! I don't know how... but I have to make it to this! Ask Jack if I can pop a spot on his floor!

  6. So envious, have a wonderful time! The photo of the leaf fabric is beautiful, stunning, I wish I could come and play!

  7. ok really suffering from envy now!! I know this will be a great workshop!! what an awesome piece!!

  8. and how lucky do I feel!!!

    cannot wait

  9. yipeeee!
    i am THERE, too, missy!

    i am dreaming
    of this arty*adventure...
    already gathering
    the best that i can...


    {{ Not to worry!
    i can tromp in the woods.
    i will bring my Poison*Ivy Be Gone... }}

  10. oh
    to wrap bundles
    and tromp
    and sew
    so together...

    I can not wait
    lucky indeed,

    xox - eb.

  11. This is sure to be one incredible experience!

  12. wow, how I wish I could be there as well! This class truly sounds like an inspiration for the soul! roxanne

  13. Hi Leslie,
    I pointed my friends Sandy, Theresa and Bev your way. It would be great if they can come too!


  14. hoping i can rise to meet the expectations :))

  15. I am feeling a wee bit sad that Pennsylvania is on the opposite side of the continent and I have already had my once-in-a-lifetime visit there. I will be thinking of all of you as I gather and dry for my natural dye plant CSA during September.

  16. Oh Leslie! A friend just forwarded this info to me. I wish I could be there.
    enjoy. Her work is beautiful. Are you selling hand dyed fabrics? If so, let me know. I don't have time to dye but have been sewing with them lately