Monday, June 27

Sunday, June 19

India Flint. In Pennsylvania. In the Fall.

Are you up for an eco-dyeing adventure?
I am so excited that India Flint will be teaching her Landskin workshop here (West Chester, Pennsylvania) September 7-11.
It was last summer at this time that I discovered India and her work while taking a workshop at Shakerag in Tennessee. I bought her first book on site, and have pre-ordered her second book.
I am a big fan. If you are too, and are interested in taking her Landskin workshop this fall, please e-mail me at There are just a few spots left for this workshop.
I've outlined more of the details here.

Debbie Herd attended India's Landskin workshop, and described her experience here. Her photos and description are amazing! Thanks, Debbie, for permission to link to your blog!

The cost for the five-day workshop is $500, but a $100 deposit will hold your place!

Thursday, June 9

A Drive Through Pennsylvania Dutch Country

With temperatures reaching nearly 100° for the second day, J and I jumped in the car to get out of the air-conditioned house for a while. A short 45-minute drive west delivers us to a world that seems to have been frozen in time 100 years ago -- Pennsylvania Dutch country.
But, wait. This farmer is pulling something behind his team that looks like it could just as easily be pulled by a modern John Deere tractor.

In fact, it most likely was built to be pulled by a tractor and was adapted to be pulled by his horses.
This generation of Amish have negotiated a way to incorporate aspects of the modern world without overstepping the ethical boundaries of their faith. There are quite a few Amish enterprises selling quilts, wooden yard furniture, produce and crafts to tourists in the Lancaster area -- but never on a Sunday.

Several years ago, my roof was replaced by an Amish roofer who went home to a house with no electricity at the end of the day. When I developed a leak after a strong storm several months later, he came out on a Saturday, removed a large section of roof, only to find it dry beneath. He discovered that the leak was, in fact, caused by hairline cracks in my stucco and a driving rain. He replaced the roof he had removed, sealed every inch of my stucco, and wouldn't accept a dime for his time. I haven't had a problem since.
Did I mention it was nearly 100° today?

By the way, I did ask before taking this man's photos. It's the polite thing to do.

Thursday, June 2

Every Once In a While Inspiration Hits You . . . And Lightening Can Strike Twice

Driven by the inspiration of others, I started two new blogs this week.

I know. What the heck was I thinking.
The first is a 365 Gratitude blog. Yes. I will post every single day for one year. You can find it here.

The other blog is filled with portraits. I have given myself no timeline, but eventually, I will have 1,000 people's photos on this blog.

My intentions are good and my resolve is strong.

I just thought I'd say that now, because I'll probably need to look back on this post on Week 26 or maybe Week 2.