Sunday, June 19

India Flint. In Pennsylvania. In the Fall.

Are you up for an eco-dyeing adventure?
I am so excited that India Flint will be teaching her Landskin workshop here (West Chester, Pennsylvania) September 7-11.
It was last summer at this time that I discovered India and her work while taking a workshop at Shakerag in Tennessee. I bought her first book on site, and have pre-ordered her second book.
I am a big fan. If you are too, and are interested in taking her Landskin workshop this fall, please e-mail me at There are just a few spots left for this workshop.
I've outlined more of the details here.

Debbie Herd attended India's Landskin workshop, and described her experience here. Her photos and description are amazing! Thanks, Debbie, for permission to link to your blog!

The cost for the five-day workshop is $500, but a $100 deposit will hold your place!


  1. OK......a party is starting!.........can I be many places at once??????? My heart will be there.....have a laugh and a drink on me! Miss you Patricia!!! How fortunate are you for a replay????? And the Landskin......oooooo.....someday I will join in that fun! Good on you Leslie for following your instinct and being so generous to host Ms. Indi@na.....

  2. I can't wait to see what new creations emerge from this workshop, ypur last adventure brought about some fab clothing! xox Corrine

  3. love the new image of lucky thing going to india's workshop.I was going to one in Switzerland but had to cancel for family matters. She is one amazing person..have a great time. lyndaxx

  4. This looks like it will be amazing. I cannot wait to see the evidence on your blog!

  5. i am beside myself
    ~~with excitement~~
    over this, leslie!


    i am reading her first book,
    loving the photos...

    {{ thank you so much
    for arranging this magically event
    to happen }}

  6. oh my goddess!! I so wish I could take this... I loved her first book too... cannot wait to see what wonders you come up with after this class... lucky you...

  7. Well, you just KNOW that if I could get out to Penn, I would, and I'd visit you and go through your studio and take some of your little things! You are FABULOUS to be around! However, I probably wouldn't take the workshop (no offense, India), because anything having to do with skin does something to me.


  8. {{ am thinking i Should Go Ahead
    and pre~order the second book


    as i am so Stoked---
    a surfer term meaning
    Majorly Happy in a Huge Way---
    about this entire workshop...

    Really }}

  9. It's going to be a remarkable workshop. So glad to see some of your work above, Leslie. It's wonderful the way you experiment and stretch your creative self!! Always there is an signature earthiness in all of your work.

    Happy Sunday!


  10. Wow Leslie, you must be so busy with this amazing project! I am so impressed that you are hosting and arranging this, and love all the photographs. Someday!! roxanne

  11. You're going to have fun! I hosted a workshop with India in Switzerland in May. It was wonderful!!! I wish I could join you and meet up with friends from last year's Shakerag. Have a great time!
    The photos are beautiful Leslie.