Monday, July 25

Ridley Creek

There is a wonderful park close to me and I frequently walk its 5-mile multi-use trail. Ridley Creek State Park covers more than 2,600 acres, the creek itself, which runs along that trail for part of the loop, is a nice little trout stream, and there are 12 miles of hiking trails through the woods too.
There is also a stable operating out of the park and a nearly 5-mile trail for horseback-riding.
Within the park boundaries was an 18th-century village that grew up around a mill, and today it is dotted with ruins and houses that are private residences. The park office is located in the Hunting Hill mansion, built in 1914 around a 1789 Pennsylvania stone farmhouse. The grounds are amazing, and their gardens and fountains are frequently the site for weddings.
The other day, I took some photos of the lovely Mary Kate and her brothers on those grounds.
It's a magical place, and I will return with my camera many more times.