Sunday, August 7

Baby N

I recently had the pleasure of shooting photos of Baby N . . .

. . . and his mom too.


  1. It looks like you have a whole new career ahead of you, Leslie! Lovely photographs which will be treasured, no doubt. I know how much you value your own family photos and that is why you bring such a special gift to this type of photography.

  2. wow, what great shots just fabulous work Leslie!!

  3. Oh, Leslie.........I am not normally into 'awards', but capturing baby 'N' asleep in his indigo nest is surely a 'winner'.......and worth sharing with the world....ox

  4. Holy crap those are both beautiful photos!! I love the one of mama and baby~ that is just too precious. I am sure the family was thrilled with them.

  5. good morning beauty catcher!
    today your wonderful "egg wrapping post" is featured as part of my crescendoh guest curator week.
    just know how honored i am to share a glimpse into the magic of you!

  6. ADORE the connection between the mother and child you were able to capture Leslie!

    Way to go!

  7. Oh Leslie, I thought I commented here! Beautiful baby and mama, and Baby N is lovely all wrapped up and hanging there, like a seed in a seed pod. roxanne

  8. You shoot the BEST baby photos, Leslie. I really, really, really mean that. Both these portraits are beautiful!