Tuesday, August 16

India Flint's Landskin

photos by India Flint

Nothing compares with the color of cloth infused with the soul of nature... Hundreds of plants, grasses, barks, and metals surrender their essence to cloth — causing it to take on new color characteristics when combined with water and heat. While one gentle process bleeds color throughout the material, another may transform the plant into a delicate print, an exact representation of the flora. 

No one knows more about identifying these plants, choosing the best process, and working the finished “landskin” into an object d’art than India Flint. An accomplished artist whose work has been exhibited in collections on two hemispheres, India travels the world, teaching her techniques, and sharing her expertise with artists who embrace a more natural philosophy. 

The $500 registration fee includes windfall-leaf collecting walks to gather material, as well as using a supplemental harvest of green waste from the florist and discards from the green grocer. Classes and demonstrations will include:
  • Creating a dye-sampler, to be applied over pre-felt, to create a one-of-kind comforter.
  • A dialogue on the effects of scrap metals, different waters and other easily sourced ingredients to influence dye outcomes as well as discussing a range of methods for plant dye application.
  • And a clever technique to ease the cutting which occurs during the felting process. 
The greatest benefit of this class is the opportunity to discuss every aspect of the combined process with India Flint, in an intimate one-on-one setting, limited to a small number of artists. 

This is a rare opportunity to meet a world-class artist of international renown, at a price determined by the economy. Space is extremely limited, but it is still possible to reserve your place and get a great travel deal from the airlines. 

          Dates:           September 7 – 11, 2011 (5 days)
          Time:            9:00 am – 4 pm
          Location:      West Chester, PA
          Fee:              $500  Does not include accommodations or meals
          Contact:        Leslie Marsh at 610-952-0763 or LeslieMarsh@mac.com

At this date, payment in full is required for registration.


  1. Again i wish I had the time to be able to join this workshop. But at least I know I will be able to see its evidence on your blog.

  2. It's going to be wonderful Leslie!!!!! Can't wait to see what you all will create!


  3. It will be wonderful! Beautiful artists and setting. I can't wait to see all the art produced from this workshop. roxanne

  4. the one time I wish I lived on the other US coast :) sorry to miss it!

  5. I just know you are in a whirlwind of preparations here and hope it is all going well!