Monday, August 1

Oh, the People You'll Meet!

There are two creative urges that fight for my attention every single day. There's the urge to create something. And there's the urge to capture something with my camera.
That urge to capture something won when I started my 1,000 People blog.
I created this blog as an exercise -- I wanted to get more comfortable taking photos of strangers, and I also wanted to gain more experience setting up portraits and stretching my post processing skills.
I'm loving the collection of portraits I've collected already, and I have about 935 left to collect!
I guess it's going to take a while, but no worries.
I'm having a great time!


  1. Lovely work Leslei. Capturing a moment in time of a person's face has always fascinated me. xox Corrine

  2. Gosh Leslie! These are GREAT!!!!!!!! I knew you were a special 'seer' the moment I saw you walk into our fragrant room at Shakrag.......FINE JOB!!!!! and so brave take photos of strangers seems a bit scary to me.......but I'll bet they LOVE it!!! for me......I'm still dreaming of my new lens.......and resolved to make it a reality VERY SOON! You are an inspiration! ox Marianne

  3. oh my
    are these people
    You Don't Know?

    how they are all so happy
    to B smiling at U!


    {{ some seriously Nice Looking
    necklaces there too, missy }}

  4. They are all really great portraits, Leslie!

  5. I love your portraits blog and these are amazing. When a person knows just how much goes into a photo portrait, yours leave me staring with mouth open in amazement. You truly get the beauty and essence.

  6. You're just so gosh darn GOOD at taking portraits, Leslie. This could be a career for you.