Wednesday, October 12

Six Days Old

I feel blessed to be there to capture a part of this little guy's first week.
Gosh, I love taking photos of these fresh ones.
Baby A was such a perfect subject.
So easy to pose.
And so stinking cute!


  1. Leslie, these are truly just so stinking cute! Wonderful work. I love those fresh ones too, but I can just see myself tearing up way too much to focus properly. I'm not even a very teary person, but I am a mom and this is just too sweet.


  2. oh leslie!

    you are so good at this
    i must say!

    {{ that sweet little mouth
    melts my heart so...

    did you make
    the acornish snuggle*caps? }}

  3. Are you Kidding????!!!!!! Besides the fact that you are the most perfect
    'catcher of magic'......who the heck lets (trusts) you do this? are ALL blessed! Thank you for sharing in the mean time........oxoxoxoxoo

  4. Leslie,
    how glorious and perfect and lovely!

    Love to all

  5. OMG!!! These photos literally made my uterus jump!!! Those LIPS!!! I bet baby A's little neck smelled divine....

    Fabulous photos!!!

  6. oh so yummy!
    lucky all of you...

    xox - eb.

  7. oh l want so much to be a granny but mustn't put pressure on the adult kids of mine!Hax so l will just drool over these wonderful babiesxx main blog is now
    thanksxx lynda

  8. What a beautiful little soul! Congratulations!

  9. You are lucky and so is he and his parents to have these moments you captured so tenderly with your fine eye and camera!!
    Happy Weekend Leslie!

  10. Oh my gosh, Leslie! These photos are amazing!! I can't believe how TINY that little one is - and look at the cute little acorn hat. Ohhhhhh...did the mom get all misty eyed when she saw these photos? I would!

  11. I love the Fresh Ones, too! They still smell a little like Heaven! Your photos are beautiful.

  12. And you are so talented! I love these. If I were to procreate (NO WAY!), I'd want you to take the baby photos.

    Love you,


  13. Do you LOVE those hats? I mean, the baby's fabulous, but those HATS!!

  14. I have tears in my eyes. This baby is so precious and you captured it so beautifully.