Saturday, February 25

Master Class

I am honored to again be featured on Seth's blog. This time, he asked artist participants, "If you could take a class from one artist from anytime in history, including the present, who would it be and why?"

I had to think about this. . .

But, it didn't take me long to realize that the same factors that have driven my decorating urges, drive my art. It's cool, actually, to realize how intertwined it all is.

I am driven by the style, the colors, the mentality of the arts and crafts movement -- particularly the Roycrofters.


  1. hadn't heard of them before, delighted to discover something new!

  2. leslie,
    i have loved this softly muted pottery for a long time
    & the lines in your lamp, too, are familiar to my liking
    but i did not know this---->
    ~~the Roycroft community~~

    i have been embracing
    what i call The Leslie Colors
    the rusty browns & the turquoise blues...

    i have been surrounded by these colors
    in my collections---
    all my life
    but never notice them put together
    so nicely...

    i feel like my friends
    thru their blogging
    been part of my
    **Independent Art Study Class**


    {{ where do i apply for my Continuing Education Credits,
    i do wonder... }}

  3. Leslie, I didn't even know of this pottery! What lovely images! You surround yourself with warmth. And you exude it.

  4. Dear Leslie! I love the still lives of your home, the lamp, the old books and the sweet pottery! And that I get to spend time with you here in just a few weeks!!! You do exude warmth!

  5. Rich photographs and thank you for the introduction to Roycrofters, Leslie!
    Congratulations on being the featured artist on Seth's blog too!

    How are all the puppy dogs tails and THE mini's


  6. Congrats to you and so well deserved. xo