Friday, March 23

The Pulse of Mixed Media

I am proud and excited to be a part of Seth Apter's first book - The Pulse of Mixed Media. I've followed Seth's blog for years, participated in his online Pulse and his Disintegration Project. I have always been amazed at his insight, his creativity, and the selfless way he promotes the mixed media community. If this was a barn-raising, Seth would be in charge, and we'd all be relieved he was here.

Congratulations and thanks, Seth.
For my contribution to The Pulse, Seth asked me to create a project based on this question: What is your current art obsession?

Bookmaking is my current -- and probably forever -- obsession. The project I submitted was built around a found diary that my great grandfather kept while stationed in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War.
This is a portion of the self portrait I added to the book, titled Ever Rooted, Ever Growing.
I had the pleasure of meeting Seth in person in 2009 and again in 2011 when we bound books together.

Pleasures of Hope.


Continuing the theme of Taking the Pulse, I asked Seth if he could remember when he first thought of himself as creative. I actually do recall a specific event when I thought I might be creative. I was four (or maybe five) and had drawn a duck. I showed it to my best friend, Tommy, who lived next door.

"Huh-uh," she protested. "You did not draw that; your mom did."

At four, I was sure my mom was awesome at everything (most things, but not drawing, turns out). From that moment, I thought I might be just the slightest bit more creative than other four-year-olds, and it's amazing where that can take one. (Still, I wish I'd kept drawing.)

When I asked Seth, Do you recall when you first realized you were creative? he replied:

I actually dabbled in many creative endeavors in high school, college, and as a young adult...although never the visual arts. From that perspective, I think I knew that I had a creative side. But until I connected with bookmaking and mixed media arts in 2000, the adjective 'creative' would not have been one of the first I would have used to describe myself. But I think as I became more and more active in and engaged by art, I slowly began to get in touch with my creative side more and more.

Oh, and Seth, another question: There's a spot on the back half acre that could use a barn . . . or at least, a garden shed. Think you could rally the neighbors?