Sunday, April 8

An Egg-celent Easter

There are at least three other things I might have (read: should have) been working on today, but I decided to experiment with a couple of egg dyeing techniques instead.

The first was one I had never tried before. I gathered leaves from my emerging gardens, wrapped them in sections of panty-hose, and boiled them in water and onion skins.
The second was one I tried for the first time last year with great results -- wrapping eggs with sari silk and an outer layer.

The difference was that this year I blew out my eggs in the hope that I might be able to save them.

Next year I'll just go with the temporary joy of these eggs. The blown-out shells were generally just too delicate to hold up to the routine I put them through. But, maybe I'm just a blow-hard with a rough hand.
Still, I was delighted with some of the results.
Happy Easter and Happy Passover!