Sunday, April 8

An Egg-celent Easter

There are at least three other things I might have (read: should have) been working on today, but I decided to experiment with a couple of egg dyeing techniques instead.

The first was one I had never tried before. I gathered leaves from my emerging gardens, wrapped them in sections of panty-hose, and boiled them in water and onion skins.
The second was one I tried for the first time last year with great results -- wrapping eggs with sari silk and an outer layer.

The difference was that this year I blew out my eggs in the hope that I might be able to save them.

Next year I'll just go with the temporary joy of these eggs. The blown-out shells were generally just too delicate to hold up to the routine I put them through. But, maybe I'm just a blow-hard with a rough hand.
Still, I was delighted with some of the results.
Happy Easter and Happy Passover!


  1. They're beautiful, Leslie. Happy day!

  2. interesting article l read states that if you boil the eggs for 4 hours..yes..4 hours....they will last for ever! Artist said she has eggs that her children had done 20 yuears ago...! lynda xx

  3. oh forgot to say...eggs look great!

  4. love your natural dyed eggs, just beautiful... happy easter!

  5. wow... these are beautiful... I haven't been near I dye pot since I left your house... boo hoo

  6. I love your photo's here and these golden eggs. And I loved spending time with you , was it just over a week ago? Miss you! roxanne

  7. These are beautiful, and I'm totally about the egg shape right now and altering them, but mine are plastic! You've really got great organics, here!

  8. beautiful!! have you tried the 4 hour eggs yet? sounds like a good experiment.